Friday, May 29, 2009

Pink Ladies style Date night

Looking for something fun to do with you other half? Or with the whole pie aka the family?

Pink Haired momma has found something amazing. Brings me back to the days of watching Grease. Seeing the Pink Ladies gossip from car to car as they hung out in a lovely place known as the Drive-in movie theater! Most people in my generation are not personally familiar with this concept. We viewed these iconic places on TV but many of us have not actually ventured into Drive-in territory. These babies were endangered for many years, nearly extinct. Now however the Drive-in is making a full come back. We are lucky enough to have one here close to Katy, Texas right over off Highway 290in Hockley!

The Show Boat!

Now we can glam ourselves up, load up the car and watch top of the line technological advanced movies from the comfort of our own vehicles! And us super cool parents that take our kids do not have to worry about being "that" family with the loud brat of a kid, because we are in our car!!

Woohoo! Too Fun!!

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