Monday, May 4, 2009

Laughing at Life

Parenting is one of the hardest careers on this planet. Sometimes parents just need a little "light" moment. What better way to start out on Monday than to take 5 minutes and laugh. It really helps set the tone for the week that follows.

My Hubbs-to-be and myself always try to find humor in our daily lives. This really provides us with a sound relationship to approach even the darkest of days with. After many years of practice we can find humor in just about anything. However when we first started "laughing at life" we needed help. I have provided a website that my Hubbs-to-be found and we really find it funny. Click below and go play on this site, it that can help YOU laugh and give you a moment to remember that life is wonderful and hilarious!!!

This is a general pessimistic outlook on life but is incredibly funny...and a lot of it true.

This should help you take your every day life and find a great new hysterical approach to it!!

A cute little example here from my life is:

Because the baby DIVA has a mind of her own and sleeps when SHE wants not when I want, I hardly ever sleep. Not a big deal. I am learning all kinds of new skills. Like how to operate heavy machinery such as cars and lawnmowers without any sleep....

Watch out for the Crazy pink haired mom on the loose!!

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