Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Change of A Dress

I might be a little crazy when it comes to knowing exactly what I want all the time. I change my mind a lot and if the perfect thing pops into my life I go for it. I thought I found the perfect wedding gown. I was all set and had the flowers and the masks all planned out and I was happy with my choice.

Then it happened! I was surfing the net with mom and the unexpected occurred. My knees went weak and my stomach turned a little happy somersault!! MY DRESS! I have seen the dress of all dresses that I MUST have for my wedding!! I absolutely am in love with this dress. Take a moment to click on my dress and take in its beauty...
Ok are you back? So soon? Go ahead take in it's beauty a little longer. Now I am sure a good majority of you just fainted because Yes in fact my dress is Black and has feathers hidden in the gathers. Totally me! I am just blown away. It is so simple and so elegant and has that quality of ME!! I have never wanted a white wedding gown. I loved the red but man this black is so elegant and will just look too fab with my hot pink hair!! It is made to order so we have to get busy and get it ordered but the designer is right here in Houston. Lucky for me! When it is perfect everything just falls into place.
So everything about the wedding stays the same even with the Change of Dress. The only thing I might change is, the ladies masks may sport some pink instead of red only!! LOL


  1. Awesome! Congrats on finding the one - that is a KILLER style!!!

  2. Thank you Chelsea!! It is gonna be a blast wearing I think. I finally am getting that bride gene flowing and getting really excited to be in my gown!!!

  3. Thank you Mandie!! It is so awesome finally picking one!!

  4. Wow! I think that dress is so pretty and perfect for the venue you have selected. I love the feathers. Are you carrying a bouquet? I found this bouquet when i was planning my wedding but it didn't really go with what I was planning so I didn't use it, I still think it's stunning.

  5. Thank you Rikki! I am carrying a bouquet but my bridesmaids are not. I have a post with all the juicy details back in April if you want to look it over and over any thoughts (previous bride input is always weelcome and you just did your moms wedding...so input away!!!). I am not a big flower person so I am carrying a simple bouquet of white tulips embellished with peacock feathers. The girls will have a tulip wristlet corsage with feathers and they will have masks on a stick to hold. LOL


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