Monday, August 31, 2009

Laughing at Life

A good friend of mine had this posted on her facebook status yesterday and I thought it is awesome
"The person who can smile when things go wrong has thought of someone else they can blame it on."
Perfect for Laughing at life!!!
Have a great day!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Week Updates

My goodness! This silly H. Pylori has put me behind on my updates this week. Let me share a few big ones.

Happy Birthday today to my Brother who turns the big 28!! I hope his day is super fabulous! And HAHA Baby brother you are only 2 years away from 30 now!

Baby DIVA had her 9 month doctors visit on Tuesday morning. She weighed in at 19 pounds 3 ounces and is 29 1/3 inches long. Yeppers she is tall. Doctor K was very impressed with her little talents and accomplishments: been off the bottle since 6 months, feeds herself, trying desperately to walk, talking. Yep we were a regular traveling show in the pediatrician office. Oh and little miss Baby DIVA cried not one bit as she got her shot or when she had her little toed pricked for bloodwork (which we now know she is not anemic). Overall she is growing fabulous. Doctor k is very happy. She says you would never know Baby DIVA was a preemie!! YAY!!!
Chilling at Dr. K's office waiting to be seen!

And we introduced MEAT to Baby DIVA. She was not impressed as you can see below as she scowls at her bowl of pureed chicken and vegetables.

So even though I was a sickly one for Hubbs-to-be's B-day, we still had a great night. We had dinner (which i threw up, but it still tasted great) followed by the sitter arrival and then we went and saw the movie District 9. I must say I really enjoyed the movie. Or was it just the alone time with Hubbs-to-be? No, really the movie was great.

Hubbs-to-be birthday table: His favorite wings, cheesecake and a new Blu-ray!

Mr. Toilet is not my friend

I spent a good portion of my glorious pregnancy with Baby DIVA making friends with Mr. Toilet. Seriously, he was my best friend from about 6 weeks into pregnancy until about 7 months, a brief break in our friendship occurred but then we rekindled our deep relationship during labor and delivery. Nice. Well living the life of the woman who bows to Mr. Toilet became so normal to me that now 9 months later a simple jaunt to Mr. Toilet every few days just seemed as normal as brushing my teeth (well if you are a follower of my blog Here, you know that Pink Haired Mommahood doesn't always involve a daily brushing!)

Well on Tuesday this every few days visit to Mr. toilet took a turn for the worse. I visited Mr. Toilet after lunch and brushed it off as normal. Then dinner rolled around and Mr. Toilet summoned me once again. Then the GIANT pickle I snacked on during the Birthday outing Hubbs-to-be and I took to the movies resulted in yet another call from Mr. Toilet. Not so normal. Not so fun. I was even more surprised to awaken Wednesday morning to the sounds of Mr. Toilet YELLING at me to come and see him quite quickly.

Hubbs-to-be decided it was best for him to go ahead and stay home, with the barked orders at me that once and for all I go to the doctor and determine why it is Mr. Toilet and I can not seem to end or relationship. I am so glad he stayed home on Wednesday. I threw up constantly. Nothing stayed down. I tried water, sprite, topo chico, pedialytle (Yep I stole it from My Baby DIVA), crackers, you name it and nothing worked. Mr. Toilet called and reclaimed it all. My Doctor was able to squeeze me in late morning. A quick push on the tummy, a stick in the arm to steal some of my blood, and a little teetee in a nice plastic cup later, Doctor lady sent me on my way with some nausea medicine and said she would call me with the results. The theories upon my departure about why Mr. Toilet and I are such great pals were the following: ulcer, intestinal blockage, or gallbladder issues. Hmmmm that's not scary!

Now of course the day was not full of Mr. Toilet moments. My embarrassing moment of the day was in fact a doozie that I wish would have involved Mr. Toilet. So we arrive at my doctor's clinic. I tried really hard not to throw up all the way to the clinic. I could hear Mr. Toilet beckoning me off in the far distance as we parked the car; but i knew i would not make it to see him. I raced out the door and into the bushes nearest the car. Well due to the loud shouts from Mr. Toilet summoning me, I did not take notice to my full bladder (which I still am wondering how it was so dang full because i was a tad dehydrated, Hello dehydration would have been nice about right then). So I threw up right there in the parking lot butt sticking up in the air from the bushes! And then i peed all over myself right there in that parking lot from the force of throwing up and because of my full bladder. Lovely, let me tell you, just lovely and wonderful. I am a 30 year old pink haired momma with no make up on and I just puked in the parking lot and peed all over myself. Can it get any worse? Believe it or not, but YES, it does get worse.

Hubbs-to-be, Baby DIVA, and my Pink Haired or rather Puke Pee haired momma self go in the clinic and proceed with the normal appointment. At the end of my appointment is where it gets better. As i get up to leave the little bed thingy with the white paper on it that you sit on at the doctor, I glance back and see that my wet pants have left a nice gigantic butt mark in pee on the paper. MORTIFYING!!! Just give me my prescription and send me puking on my way!!!

So Wednesday was a full day of mortification and Mr. Toilet discussions. Today Thursday I awoke and still felt horrible. Hubbs-to-be went ahead and stayed at home again today because me not having food or drink for well over 48 hours now does not result in good mom behavior to take care of a very active 9 month old! About mid day the medicine began to kick in and I was able to hold down a whole cracker. A little while later a glass of pedialtye stayed down quite nice. Then a sprite. And then, don't laugh, a tuna fish sandwich. I know weird choice, but it worked quite well.

Then the Doctor gave me a little ring a ding ding and alerted me to the cause of my problem. Apparently I have a stomach infection known as H. Pylori. HUH? That was not even on the little list of possibles she gave me. What the heck is that? Well a quick google search and some questions to the doctor let me know that H. Pylori is a bacteria infection that in some people can develop into ulcers or stomach cancer. AHHHHHH! Figures! Right? Oh and it is spread through saliva and fecal matter. Yum. Guess which way I contracted it. hahah

Anyway H. Pylori can be cleared up with medicine and I should be just fine. However my ego is quite bruised from the humiliation that came about during the whole ordeal. I am sore from so many Mr. Toilet visits, but I am feeling so much better already and so happy to be able to eat and drink again. Hubbs-to-be is too. He said my head spun around once or twice during the last few days. LOL!

Also a note to momma's out there. After you have a baby morning sickness should go away! If you are still visiting good ol' Mr. Toilet, GO TO THE DOCTOR. I got yelled at so I am yelling at you too!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Now is that goodie on my arm from my big open mouth or my Pink Haired Momma's big open mouth!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubbs-to-be

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to the most amazing Hubbs-to-be EVER
Happy Birthday to you!

So today my Hubbs-to-be turns 33. In celebration we have a sitter tonight! WAHOOO!!! We are going to dine on Two for Tuesday wings, one of our favorite treats back when we were just a dating couple. And follow that lovely baby free dinner with a movie of Hubbs-to-be's choosing.

Simple. Fun. Fabulous. No baby. Spectacular!!

Tuesday Tidbit

In light of back to school, I found this fabulous Eco conscious craft quite appropriate this week. This simple project not only follows my favorite recycle and reuse philosophy, but it also provides a super cool way for kiddos to carry their sandwich for lunch.

This Tuesday's Tidbit is taken straight from my current issue of Family Fun. I discovered this project way in the back on page 115, I almost missed it actually. And for this reason I would like to share it with you because it is really fabulous and I think it deserves to be noticed.

So you take a used gallon milk jug and give it a refreshing and cleansing super bath, say through your dishwasher. After super bath, draw the below pictured lines on this milk jug. A few snips and folds and Voila your kiddo has a recycled way to tote that fabulous sandwich you made for him to school!

If you would like to see the original Family Fun instructions, follow the link and have a look see!! I am just loving this fabulous idea. I have even got my Pink Haired Momma wheels a turning on how I could decorate and personalize these little babies to add some flare and personality!! Hmmmm...

Baby DIVA hit the big 9

My little Baby DIVA is 9 months old today!
9 months ago today
3 Days ago

Monday, August 24, 2009

Love To Shop Mom Giveaway

Oh my goodness! Did you have a pet hamster as a kid? Did it bite you, ALOT!! Well i did. I think hamsters are so cute and so much fun BUT, they stink and they bite. Not something I really want to be around Baby DIVA> Oh and we won't even get into the fact that I have a 2 fat cats that would love a little delicious hamster snack! Hahahaha

This week over at Love to Shop Mom it is Zhu Zhu Pet week. You can read all about this fabulous new (toy) hamster system. It is so amazing. Each Day Love to Shop Mom will be spotlighting a new aspect of this great toy. Then after reading all about the ins and outs of this great new toy pet, Love to Shop Mom is hosting a giveaway of this glorious toy. Each day provides you with more information and opportunities to win. You really should swing over there and see what this is all about. I am really amazed at this cool product and I a hoping to snag one for Baby DIVA, and the cats! LOL

Weekend Re-Cap

What a weekend we had! Busy Busy Busy!! And lots of happenings from Birthday parties to two new teeth from Baby DIVA!!!!

Here is our yard, ready for Birthday party guests to enjoy! Notice the freshly mowed grass from Hubbs-to-be's 6:30am chore list! Happy Birthday Hun!

Lets see where do I start? Well Hubbs-to-be will be celebrating his 33rd year of life tomorrow (8-25-09), so on Saturday we hosted a fabulous birthday rendezvous at our casa. At one point Hubbs-to-be mentioned that although he enjoys being surrounded by all those friends and family who love him so dear, that awaking on Saturday morning at 6:30am to complete a list of chores is just not his idea of a cool birthday! I chuckled. But felt no real sympathy, because as a Pink Haired Momma that is a daily occurrence, birthday or not. But man we really did book it getting ready for this little soiree.

And Yes I do make goofy little signs for all the food, I think it is cool and informative! And yes Baby DIVA is in the background there, Directing!

We cooked a variety of burgers, that were all health friendly. We had tuna steak wrapped in applewood bacon, Italian turkey burgers, and garlic seasoned portabella mushroom burgers. All served with yummy white and sweet potato fries. Our good friends, Love to Shop Mom and her hubbs, brought over some totally fabulous pork ribs, that seriously melted right off the bone and into my mouth. Best ribs EVER!!And of course, Pink Haired Momma baked up some snazzy cupcakes. For Hubbs-to-be's birthday bash I provided some deliciously tasty fabulous ROCKY ROAD cupcakes. Yum Yum!
Hello Heaven in a cupcake wrapper. I must say I enjoyed these quite well. Hubbs-to-be did too. Glad since technically they were for him! LOL
Late Saturday afternoon, Baby DIVA gave me one of her famous beautiful huge smiles and what did I see???? But two new toothies!!! YAY!!! Now we have two on the bottom, and on the top we have, One Fang and her TWO FRONT TEETH! Totally explains her spazz out evil behavior last week when all she wanted to do was scream and all I wanted to do was make myself bald. She just looks absolutely adorable with her little white nubbs coming through those pink gums! AWWWWW. My baby is growing so fast! So fast indeed that Baby DIVA will be 9 months old tomorrow (8-25-09). Wow. Amazing. Takes my breath away.
So that about wrapped it up. Hosting a party for 20 people and Two new teeth, man I am pooped! Now we have a week that includes 4 birthday's, a reunion and a property tax hearing. Oh and of course we also have Baby DIVA's 9 month celebration and Doctor visit! Hope you had a fabulous weekend as well. Please tell me about it!!!!

Laughing at Life

Laughing at life this week is just a little video of Baby DIVA that I found hysterical. You may or may not. It might just be one of those only a mom would find funny moments. But that's okay. I peed myself laughing while filming her. So i am happy and laughing. LOL! Enjoy!!

Baby DIVA wrestles the Bib!

Friday, August 21, 2009

It is Official

Today I made a discovery; I am in fact a momma.

On any given day my wardrobe might just be a very slim line between pajamas and work out clothes. The distinction is sometimes incredibly hard to decipher. I am sorry. I like to be comfortable while chasing Baby DIVA around in her corvette all about the casa de Pink Haired Momma. Baggy comfy pants and tank tops are my friends.

Well these ensembles do provide an easy transition to bed clothes and up again morning clothes. And i never have to worry about middle of the night race to the street naked runs because i think the house in on fire and the neighbors see my post baby flabby goods. This ease from day wear to night wear is reason actually that brought  me to the discovery that I made this morning, that I am in fact a MOMMA.

So, I am sporting some lovely sea foam green comfy Capri's with a perfectly blended brown tank top. I wore this lovely get up yesterday and also crashed in it over night, after removal of sports bra of course. Well this morning I awoke a tad bit late, as it is Granny visit day, and quickly prepared Baby DIVA for her chauffeured ride to her Great Great Grandmothers house. After a quick bite to eat at a lovely little joint with my mom (public location), I took my green pants self and Baby DIVA over to Granny’s.

This is where it happened. Granny asked me with enthusiasm, “What is that there on your pants, Hun?”. And then I recalled the situation.

Last night while Baby DIVA enjoyed her fabulous prunes meal, an accident occurred which sent a huge glob of prunes to a resting place on my pants, my crotch no less. I got up and wiped it clean but it did in fact leave a huge stain. Well I finished feeding Baby DIVA, made dinner, cleaned the house, took care of Hubbs-to-be and passed smooth out, never again remembering the glob that was once on my pants. Then after sleeping late this morning, again it didn't occur to me.

So yes I am the Pink Haired Momma who didn't change out of her pajama day wear from yesterday and obviously didn't shower this morning, and YES I dined at a restaurant this morning with a stain glob of prunes of my sea foam green pants. The funny thing is, I don't really care. That right there sealed the deal that Yep, it is official I have joined the motherhood.

Hey and don't judge me on not changing and no shower, you know you are sitting there thinking about the last time you showered too, way back when! And probably checking your pants right now to make sure you too don't have a prune crotch stain!

Ha! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Well everyone knows we are getting married on Halloween in Las Vegas in a masquerade ball themed event. I will be wearing my black wedding gown and sporting my flip flops and Hot Pink Hair, right? Well I haven't talked too much about our hometown reception the following weekend. It will be a casual affair with lots of laughter and fabulous conversation. And after coming across these fabulous little babies, our guests will be leaving our hometown reception chomping on Hubbs-to-be, Baby DIVA and Pink Haired Momma's sweet faces!

I just think it is too dang cool!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yearly Gain of Wisdom

Last night we celebrated my mom's birthday in our traditional fashion! Each year we head over to the Taste of Texas to celebrate my mom and her yearly gain of wisdom. We always have a wonderful time, full of drinking, eating and fabulous conversation and laughter. This year was a little bit different than previous years. Why you ask? Well Baby DIVA joined our family this year and therefore introduced this tradition to a whole new generation of our family. Pink Haired Momma and Hubbs-to-be quickly learned that at nearly 9 months Baby DIVA might need to stay home with her favorite sitter if mom and dad want to enjoy these type of outings! New generation or not, it makes it difficult to enjoy when nearly 9 month curiosity wants EVERYTHING on the table and isn't afraid to scream for it! Yes we were that table last night.

To add to our waiters nightmare of being that table, a very good couple friend dined with us to celebrate my moms yearly gain of wisdom. And they brought there nearly 8 week old son, Granger!! Oh my goodness how adorable is he. He is so tiny. It struck the baby fever in me. I can remember with vivid recall when Baby DIVA was that tiny and I miss it! However I also remember that at that age it was a pleasure to go out with the baby, not scream fest for the salt shaker involved!

Granger and his mommy! Too Adorable!

My Fabulous (calorie free of course) Dessert

And both babes crashed out in their respective daddy's arms as we were about to jet, figures!

Here is my wonderful mom as we serenade her on her yearly gain of wisdom. I must warn you that there is a single word of profanity at the end of this video so do beware!! Thats just my mom!

Tuesday Tidbit

There is just something about drinking a pretty drink out of a pretty cup that just makes me feel like a sassy Pink Haired Momma. I enjoy drinking my can of Dr. Pepper out of a nice heavy wine glass early in the morning while I feed Baby DIVA her breakfast. And sometimes I even enjoy a nice cold glass of milk in a martini glass for, it provides for easy cookie dunking, late at night while snuggling with the Hubbs-to-be after darling Baby DIVA is snoozed away in her bed. It makes me feel like a grownup, a sassy Pink Haired Momma, an adult; even if it is just for a moment while I am sporting my pajama's and hair that hasn't been brushed in a week.

I was on a hunt through one of my many cookbooks this week and I came across a recipe that is fabulous. You can get a fabulous punch of protein and energy while your hair is sticking out in 55 zillion different directions, you have mashed up banana all over your clothes and the baby is wailing from the "corvette". It is a moment of pure mommy bliss in a glass; may only last a moment but it is there! After a quick toss of ingredients into the blender, serve this wonderful nutritious intoxicating protein drink to yourself for breakfast in a fancy smancy glass and feel like a sassy momma for a moment. Hold that fabulous breakfast martini in one hand and feed the baby with the other. It sure does make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and it provides a great punch of protein and energy to get you through the morning until baby takes a snooze and you can brush your teeth and hair!

Here is your ingredient list:
1/2 cup White Grapefruit juice
1/2 cup egg whites
1/3 cup ready to drink green tea
1/2 cup raspberries (frozen or fresh)
1 6oz container of vanilla yogurt

And here is what you do:
Blend all the ingredients in the blender
Pour into your favorite martini glass
Lift glass to mouth and enjoy your Momma moment of bliss

Monday, August 17, 2009

Laughing at Life

I heard about this crazy cat who rides the bus everyday on BBC. I just about peed in my pants. After doing a little hunt i found this great video of this cat taking his daily adventure. Have a look see and Happy Monday!!!

Happy Birthday Grandma

The following is being dictated from the mouth of an 8 1/2 month old:

babab mamamam da mamam
babab mamamam da mamam
babab mamamam da mamamblah
babab mamamam da mamam

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to Grandma!
Happy Birthday to you!!

Today is Pink Haired Momma's moms birthday. She doesn't have pink hair but she does have some gray ones, thanks to pink haired momma's teenage years! Baby DIVA is looking very forward to spending some quality time tonight with her Grandma on this happy day!!

And with a look like this, there is no telling what Baby DIVA has in store for Grandma today!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

After 8 1/2 months we did it!!!

What you ask did we do?

Pink Haired Momma and Hubbs-to-be went out on a DATE this weekend WITHOUT Baby DIVA!! It was fabulous! Yes we were nervous, but after 8 1/2 months we were also VERY ready to get the heck outta there! It was almost like we were going on our first date to prom. We even had the babysitter take our "Prom" like picture as we ran out the door.


How cheesy!
Pink Haired Momma and Hubbs-to-be have a night on the town!

So what did we do? Well we headed over to a bar we used to frequent pre Baby DIVA. A good friend of ours was there and it just so happened his lovely girlfriend was singing at the bar. Here we are enjoying adult beverages with our good friend Z-man!


We didnt stay out late like we used to back in the day, But boy we had a wonderful time. It was a well deserved break!

It was quite dark at the location of Pink Haired Momma's first night out in 8 1/2 months, but I did try and catch some video of our friend, Z-man's Gal singing. Well let me just remind you that this Pink Haired Momma has not had an adult beverage in well over 18 months, so the video I was seeing must have been an illusion because upon download all I got is just a black screen with audio! Nice! One adult beverage and this Pink Haired Momma lost her sight! LOL! So Z-man's gal does have a wonderfully fabulous voice, so I am including the short little solid black video of her on stage. Just close your eyes and listen and pretend Pink Haired Momma didn't screw up this recording!!!

Back to School

As you know Baby DIVA is only 8 1/2 months old. Therefore I have no real reason to have a care in the world about back to school this year. Except that a good majority of my friends are teachers, so I have to at least pretend to have some interest. This year I decided to bust out some Pink Haired Momma domestication for the occasion of back to school in the form of
Super delicious
I made up a new and refreshing cupcake. When back to school rolls about, yes we are headed towards fall. But if you live in the south like I do, you still have almost 100 degree temps for some time. Anything hot and heavy to eat or drink just is not gonna fly with this Pink Haired Momma.

This cupcake I cooked up for back to school is a lemon cupcake with vanilla icing. I then sprinkled crushed up smarties (get it smarties for back to school! hardy har har). The tangy sweetness combines in the mouth and results in a simply fabulous delicious treat without the overwhelming heat or heaviness of the usual fall desserts. It scrumdiliumpcious!!


I serve these fabulous little treats to my teacher friends on a plate decorated with smarties and wish them a fabulous year! Good luck my friends!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

K-Teach plus Mr. K equals...

I have some totally fabulous news! I have been waiting for sometime now to share this fabulousness with everyone. You might recall me telling tales of my best friends wedding that I attending back in May. K-teach married her love Mr. K and they will live happily ever after.

Well it looks like we have a BABY K on the way!!! Yipppppppeeeeee! Baby DIVA will soon have her new BFF or possibly her future husband!!! AHHHHHH I am so excited for my friend and her Hubbs!!

Baby K will be making his or her appearance on February 15, 2009, give or take a bit as we all know those baby due dates LIE!!! I am hoping for a Valentines Day delivery just because I am a fan of holidays. I mean I was born on New Years. Baby DIVA was due on Christmas but came on Thanksgiving. And now I am getting married on Halloween. What better than my best friends Baby K being born on Valentine's!!!

So here is a big fat CONGRATULATIONS K-teach and Mr. K! Hoping you have a wonderful pregnancy filled with frequent trips to the bathroom, cankles, strange smells that escape from the body, and in the end you have the 2nd most beautiful baby in the world (First of course being Baby DIVA, DUH!!)

Love you guys! And Welcome to this crazy world Baby K!!!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009


When I was pregnant with Baby DIVA I happened upon a toy that I knew I must have for her (or me, it was all the same). However said toy was about $300 at the time. I just could not justify to myself or Hubbs-to-be spending $300 on a toy for our not born child yet. I also think spending $300 on a toy for a toddler is just silly because honestly they play with any their toys for about 5 minutes! Some time went by and I got fatter and waddled some more. I would waddle past this toy anytime we went on an outing to the store and give the pregnancy lip to Hubbs-to-be and nothing would happen. I would go home empty handed from the store still waddling and with no toy. Then I got bed rested and only my fingers could do the waddling by the toy over the keyboard as I looked at it online, daily. Hoping.

And then Baby DIVA arrived. Toy forgotten. I had a new toy to play with.

And then it happened. Baby DIVA was about 2 1/2 weeks old. Hubbs-to-be and I were sitting on the couch one Sunday morning both cooing at our Baby DIVA. She of course was asleep and could care less who we were or what we were doing. I was clipping away the weekly coupons and he was checking out all the electronic sales. And then He said "Baby look!" And there it was! On the back side of the newspaper! MY TOY! ON SALE ONE DAY ONLY $99!!!

Boy I tell you what! No 2 1/2 week post birthing momma has ever moved so fast, threw on some preggo fat clothes loaded up in the car and zoomed off leaving hubbs-to-be and Baby DIVA alone at home for the first time. Not a second thought about it. Off I went. Left my child...for a toy! Hello!! issues I tell you. issues.

I got to the store and quickly hunted down my prize. I admit I still looked a little pregnant so I waddled a bit for some sympathy, i mean it was about 2 weeks before Christmas, and got some young sales guy to help me carry it to the checkout and to the car. This toy is rather big and I loved it but sure didn't feel like toting it about the store. And speaking of it being big, it was so big that we actually had to take the toy out of the box and slide it in the backseat with it's head hanging out the open window for me to get it home, in the winter. ( luckily I live in Houston, Texas, We don't have much of a winter! But I did catch a chill in the 60 degree winds that were coming in my window. LOL)

So lets stop here for a moment and take a mental picture. Pink Haired Momma. 2 1/2 weeks post birthing. Sunday morning coupon clipping clothing and face attire. Buying a toy so big it doesn't fit in the car. Nice!

I got my toy for $99 and I was super happy. Now its is nearly 9 months later and I just now introduced this toy to Baby DIVA. I just had to have it right then! And guess what? She could care less about this toy that mommy loved so much from her early womb days. So what is it? Well have a look see here at Baby DIVA when I introduced her to the TOY!!

Wagon Wheel Thief

I do not get overly angry or mad too often. I rarely complain or make a negative remark of any sort, and I especially do not do so here on my blog aka my happy place. However, I encountered something this week that just CHAPS MY HIDE! I was so mad at this that I want to share it with you. If you are one of the guilty to this type of behavior we are no longer friends!!!

I totally understand that the economy is sour and the whole country is a struggling. Hubbs-to-be and I are right there with the next person. You do what you can and you make the best of it. Right? Well! It appears there are some folks out there who just have no shame what so ever!

Lovetoshopmom directed me to some new yummies for Baby DIVA to try. She is now feeding herself and has 2 1/3 teeth so I wanted her to have some crunchies. Lovetoshopmom advised that Gerber has some fabulous Wagon Wheels and puffs for first time eaters. So off I went to the store to purchase these yummies. And yes I know WHOA Pink Haired Momma is buying pre made food for Baby DIVA! Yeppers! I can puree like a master but baking of mouth dissolving puffs, I just don't got that skill my friends.

So anyway there I am in the Gerber ails and I locate the puffs and throw a few different flavors in the buggy. Found the Wagon Wheels on the top shelf and chose the carrot variety and off it went into the buggy. Swung by the snickers aisle...oh wait just kidding No I didn't. Hahaha! checked out with my yummies and headed home.

Around dinner time I busted out the Wagon Wheels in hopes of Baby DIVA giving them a try. I was utterly and completely speechless and angered. After I removed the plastic top I discovered that someone had not only opened my box of Wagon Wheels but ate some and left A HALF EATEN ONE IN THE PACKAGE!!! Hello GROSS!!!

Pissed off not only at this disgusting behavior but at the fact that Baby DIVA would not be trying Wagon Wheels , Hubbs-to-be told me to take them back to the store. So I did. And this is where it gets worse. Upon returning them (and let me remind you this specific item was found on the top shelf where only parents can reach)the sales lady told me it happens all the time. Parents bring there kids into the store. They are broke so they go and get cans of food like Wagon wheels, allow their kids to eat on it, then return it to the shelf before leaving. The store is aware of the problem and is doing everything they can to eliminate this atrocity. Then she gave me a new can (sealed and not munched on of course, I checked) of Wagon Wheels and sent me on my way.

I am completely appalled at this behavior! Again I understand we are all struggling financially right now. But come on. That is a crime people. You are teaching your youth, your offspring to steal and to cover up a bad type of behavior. Oh my goodness I am just flabbergasted at this behavior. I know it occurs, but it just really got under my skin this time.

I guess the only thing I can do is check my cans of Wagon Wheels and puffs before checking out in the future. Make sure you check your too because of those thieving mommies out there. GROSS!

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