Wednesday, August 5, 2009

From Flat to Fabulous

Despite having creative and colorful Hot pink hair, I am not what you would say Hair Savvy. I am incredibly lucky that I have the ability and know how to get my hair in to a pony tail. I am 100% hair ignorant. Seriously! At my baby shower my dear friend,Duke, purchased a lovely bow and and headband set for the upcoming arrival from my tummy. I thought is was a super cool slinky bracelet for mommy! Honest, I did! Hair is just Not my forte!

Well, lately I have taken notice to the tube when the lovely informative interlude of informative mayhem of yet another stay at home somebody made some great product infomerical item that WE MUST ALL GET immediately. But wait if you call RIGHT NOW you get...

At first I just giggled at this fascinating product followed by a shake of the head. But after a few viewings of this energetic informative means of advertising I began to see the light and this product was becoming more and more of a need than a wanted giggle! Between the constant joyful bellows of torture associated with teething baby screams that caused me to not remember how to even brush my own teeth, I decided to bring back my womanhood by means of my FLAT Pink Hair; I MUST have this product...

Okay you know you too have thought about getting BUMPITS just to give it a try! I know you have! Do not deny it my friend!! All us moms or women for that matter want that POOF on our head. We cant help it. Its that playboy bunny beauty addiction we all have hidden inside us. Well a week or so of teething baby screams day and most nights and you too will find yourself jumping for joy at your new purchase of sanity...or is it insanity and I have officially lost it? Who cares I got me some BUMPITS !!!!

Anyway I am was thrilled to pieces over my new prize. Giddy with excitement I open my cool BUMPITS in blonde. Don't forget to get the right color my friends!! They do not have pink (surprise!) so I chose Blonde for a cool blend technique.

Inside the fabulous BUMPITS box I found 3 varying sized inserts wrapped up in some really lovely pink tissue paper. A cool instruction guide book and little comb are also found resting nicely inside the BUMPITS box. Gotta give this stay at home somebody with a great idea gone informerical credit for some lovely packaging! The term "insert" kind of freaks me out a bit when I am thinking about putting it on my head. Also a whole instruction guide scares me a little.

I recruited Hubbs-to-be for this experience. I figured he needed to see why it is he mostly sees this Pink Haired Momma in flat hair mode. Not to mention mommy mode of no make-up and sporting some fabulous PJ's that double as interesting day wear fashions. Disaster in the making. He was dismissed immediately.

I read through the instruction manual and absorbed the information about like I did during my freshmen year of college. In one ear and out the other. I then tackled the task at hand, Pink Haired Momma style. I began to "tease" an area of my hair. Did I mention before that I have no hair sense what-so-ever? Well you can imagine this resulted in some fabulous fluffiness and I needed a no more tangles session before we could proceed.

Okay so after the tangled mishap I continued on and found that BUMPITS are really cool. Once I got the correct "tease" mastered and the "insertion" of the inserts technique down I had a Bumpit head! It could actually work! 2 points to the stay at home somebody who thunked up the bumpits deal! Go Friend! I am digging it. I played around with the different sizes and took some not so great snapshots of this Pink Haired Momma sans make-up sporting the impromptu bumpits styling by Pink Haired Momma.

See my little bump! Oh and my toilet!

I dig the little bump!

Overall I really like BUMPITS . the inserts are really easy to insert into the hair and they do almost instantly add some BUMP to the head. I am gonna spend some more time playing with the Bumpit inserts and the art of TEASE before I dare to venture out into public with this contraption in my hair, but it WILL happen! I am so glad that I lost my sanity during teething baby screams and and saw the light that brought me to the store and made me buy myself this wonderful return to womanhood prize!!

This Pink Haired Momma is so loving her some BUMPITS!!

edited to add in some beatified pics of the Bumpits on Pink Haired Momma!!


  1. OK i am SOOOOOOOOOO going to get one!!!!! GREAT review!!!

  2. Okay I am so getting a bumpit tomorrow! I've been dying for one since I saw the commercial for them a few months go.

  3. HAHA I want a Bumpit! Are you doing a giveaway?

  4. I love those much easier than a crapload of hairspray and bobby pins.

  5. Love to shop mom, Rikki and Lolly!!! You so gotta get a bumpit! They rock! I am having a blast and gonna venture out today wearing it!!

    Jennifer and Family! I agree that this is a lot better than the hairspray and bobby pins! Not that i ever did that bc i dont know how but i like this way better!! LOL

  6. Cute! You rock that Bumpit girl!

    I have curly hair so this would never work for me but that's ok. Did I mention I have curly hair?

    Rock on
    Moon in MO

  7. analogmoon!! I bet we couls make that bumpit work in your curls! You would just be super bumpit queen!!! lol!!


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