Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baby DIVA speaks!

As I have previously mentioned, Baby DIVA no longer finds it acceptable for me to feed her. She has taken over and completely enjoys feeding herself. Honestly I think she likes making the most gigantic mess ever in the history of kitchens (gets bigger every night) and then watching Pink Haired Momma clean it up while her and daddy giggle on the couch.

Tonight while I was again watching as Baby DIVA smashed peas up and decorated my floor, I had no idea that peas could get even more mushed than they are after a blender whirl, but Baby DIVA figured it out. Anyway I was watching and Baby DIVA was getting mad. I guess I was standing too close to her; I might reach over and give her the spoon and BOY she is not having that. So she looks right at me and yelps out "MOM"!!!!

Baby DIVA SPEAKS!!! Her first real decipherable word is MOM!! I was so excited. And it just so happened that Hubbs-to-be was standing nearby and witnessed this marvelous milestone as well (secretly i am giving myself a pat on the back because she said MOM first)!

MOM MOM MOM now I must teach her to say "Pink Haired".


  1. If Peanut's first word isn't 'mama' I'm going to be upset.

  2. Lovetoshopmom, Lolly and Mandie!
    Thanks guys! She has been saying "ma" for a while but last night it was official and used in clear concise verbage and directed at me a big ol' MOM!!! clear as day! ahhh my heart melts!


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