Monday, August 10, 2009

Let the Fang's begin

Well after 2 horrendous weeks or Baby DIVA screams (which I am gonna tell you are like no other. She is a DIVA even with those screams and whines!!) we FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY have a tooth on top. But of course it is not just an ordinary top tooth appearance. OH NO!! Not Pink Haired Momma's baby DIVA. Nope! We have a vampire tooth! Yep that is right. Baby DIVA battled for two weeks hissing and fussing at me and then revealed to me this last Friday the tiny tip top of a cute little fang beginning to protrude out of the gummy right side of her mouth. Fabulous! Only my child would get in a top vampire fang before any other top teeth!!

Hoping to score a great fang picture to share with you but Baby DIVA is hiding her fang with great care!!! Hopefully this awesome Chupy will keep you entertained until I capture the fang on camera!!


  1. UH OH! Peanut doesn't have any teeth yet but I'm definitely not looking forward to that!

  2. Oh LOLLY!!! It is awful. Teeth are torture. This top fang was #3. I dread anymore. It is so terrible to watch Baby DIVA suffer! UGH!! Grab the valium!!!


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