Friday, August 14, 2009

Wagon Wheel Thief

I do not get overly angry or mad too often. I rarely complain or make a negative remark of any sort, and I especially do not do so here on my blog aka my happy place. However, I encountered something this week that just CHAPS MY HIDE! I was so mad at this that I want to share it with you. If you are one of the guilty to this type of behavior we are no longer friends!!!

I totally understand that the economy is sour and the whole country is a struggling. Hubbs-to-be and I are right there with the next person. You do what you can and you make the best of it. Right? Well! It appears there are some folks out there who just have no shame what so ever!

Lovetoshopmom directed me to some new yummies for Baby DIVA to try. She is now feeding herself and has 2 1/3 teeth so I wanted her to have some crunchies. Lovetoshopmom advised that Gerber has some fabulous Wagon Wheels and puffs for first time eaters. So off I went to the store to purchase these yummies. And yes I know WHOA Pink Haired Momma is buying pre made food for Baby DIVA! Yeppers! I can puree like a master but baking of mouth dissolving puffs, I just don't got that skill my friends.

So anyway there I am in the Gerber ails and I locate the puffs and throw a few different flavors in the buggy. Found the Wagon Wheels on the top shelf and chose the carrot variety and off it went into the buggy. Swung by the snickers aisle...oh wait just kidding No I didn't. Hahaha! checked out with my yummies and headed home.

Around dinner time I busted out the Wagon Wheels in hopes of Baby DIVA giving them a try. I was utterly and completely speechless and angered. After I removed the plastic top I discovered that someone had not only opened my box of Wagon Wheels but ate some and left A HALF EATEN ONE IN THE PACKAGE!!! Hello GROSS!!!

Pissed off not only at this disgusting behavior but at the fact that Baby DIVA would not be trying Wagon Wheels , Hubbs-to-be told me to take them back to the store. So I did. And this is where it gets worse. Upon returning them (and let me remind you this specific item was found on the top shelf where only parents can reach)the sales lady told me it happens all the time. Parents bring there kids into the store. They are broke so they go and get cans of food like Wagon wheels, allow their kids to eat on it, then return it to the shelf before leaving. The store is aware of the problem and is doing everything they can to eliminate this atrocity. Then she gave me a new can (sealed and not munched on of course, I checked) of Wagon Wheels and sent me on my way.

I am completely appalled at this behavior! Again I understand we are all struggling financially right now. But come on. That is a crime people. You are teaching your youth, your offspring to steal and to cover up a bad type of behavior. Oh my goodness I am just flabbergasted at this behavior. I know it occurs, but it just really got under my skin this time.

I guess the only thing I can do is check my cans of Wagon Wheels and puffs before checking out in the future. Make sure you check your too because of those thieving mommies out there. GROSS!


  1. OMG!!! I'm so entirely grossed out and angered for you. I NEVER open the top and check those things... so I certainly will be now!

  2. Nicole!
    It is gross right? I bought a new pack today apple flavor and first thing i did was look to make sure it was sealed. so sad!


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