Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pink Haired Idol

Hubbs to be and I LOVE American Idol. Neither one of us ever really paid it much attention until this last season. Well, to be honest, I did watch the tryouts to give myself a few good pee in the pants moments, but other than that no real interest. We got sucked in this year and had a blast watching it all the way to the end, and thanks to our lovely DVR, we watched it baby scream free!!!

There is no doubt about it that I can not sing. When I sing the simple alphabet tune to Baby DIVA she cringes with pain as her ears are enveloped by my horrible attempts at making a tune happen. It is bad but it sure doesn't stop me! Hubbs-to-be isn't a carry a tune kind of dude either. But that sure doesn't stop us from singing like we are Rockstars…in the comfort of our own home, cars and showers and only in front of our Baby DIVA who can not yet speak and share our secrets.

In my quest for furthering our family’s daily pee in your pants moments I happened across a really cool contest over at Loud Karaoke that rewards the Grand Prize winner with his or her own Karaoke system!! And if you don't happen to win the grand prize you are still a winner because you are spending quality time with your family, laughing!! It is so simple to enter. You just simply make a little video of you and your family rocking out like you are the greatest band to hit mainstream and upload it to YouTube. Then send the link over to HERE and Voila, you just might be a winner of a brand new Karaoke system! You cant tell me that a Karaoke system wont liven up your next family gathering. I mean picture it…Grandma belting out Rudolph after a few egg nogs at Christmas. Classic! Pee in your pants moments! Love it!

After a brief pause and contemplation, I have decided that tonight the Guitar Hero is coming out and Pink Haired Momma is going on tour!! Hubbs-to-be and Baby DIVA will join in this fun event too, they just don't know it yet!! Care to join me? Or would you just like to watch our video and pee in your pants at how AWFUL we are? Click here and sign up if you think you can beat the Pink Haired Momma rock band!!! And stay tuned because sometime in the next day or so I will provide you wit fabulous pee in your pants moment of Pink Haired Momma, Hubbs-to-be, and Baby DIVA rockin out!!!


  1. I loved this seasons AI! Kris Allen is actually from the same town I live in. The entire town went crazy with Kris Allen mania.

    I can't wait to see your video. I will not be making one, lol. But I will enjoy watching yours!

    Also I just have to say how much I enjoy reading your blog! You always put me in a good mood with your humor and love of life.

  2. I bet your town went nuts. He has a great voice! And is cute!!!

    We will get our video done this weekend. Trying to door stuff at night during the week is tough! LOL

    Thank you for reading my blog. I write the blog for my own satisfaction. But also I love to brighten other peoples days! I think with a positive attitude on life you can get through just about anything and being funny and silly make that happen!!!


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