Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baby DIVA clear cage

Entrance To Baby DIVA's Playroom: All Clear Swing Gate

A few weeks ago we finally got Baby DIVA's playroom organized (well if you call toys everywhere at arms reach for an 8 1/2 month old organized). We love that she can crawl and play all around in her playroom. Baby DIVA loves being independent and scooting and crawling and walking (yep I couldn't believe it but YES Baby DIVA walks while holding on to stuff at the ripened age of 8 1/2 months) around her own special place. We just have one small problem. We need to confine her to the room some how. We want to encourage her to play alone as well as interact with us. So throughout the day and evenings we will step away and let her go to town playing and talking to Sponge Bob all by her Diva self. But our little miss independent Baby DIVA likes t otry and crawl to her escape! We do not want to shut the door because obviously we want to watch her and make sure she is safe, as well as catch ALL impromptu funny baby moments secretly on camera without her knowing to show her adoring boyfriends during those wretched teenage years! Devilish parents we are!!

We were left in quite the quandary. All those baby keepers out there, how do we ever go about picking one that will keep our baby girl safe inside her room without us and her feeling like she is caged in?

This arrived at my door via my friend the Fed Ex guy, shortly after having a discussion with my mom about a recent trip to Babies R Us and the overwhelming decision making process of which gate to purchase. I explained to her we just couldn't decide and we didn't want to pick a gate that was a cage like gate, but we do have a creeping Baby DIVA so we need something that is cage like. And we wanted a gate that was safe and would not lend a possible ouchie to our darling dear Baby DIVA, but is in fact sturdy enough to keep her in check! UGH!! Total frustration!!! We were at a loss while standing in the store and pondering our options.

The First Years All Clear Swing Gate has a fabulous double panel feature that is clear and kid proof (meaning Baby DIVA cannot break or destroy it during any of her Divalicious moments of chaos) and it provides an unobstructed view of Baby DIVA while she is playing in her playroom, for all those sneaky secretive snapshots this stalking Pink Haired Momma seeks each day. The clear panel also allows myself as well as Baby DIVA to not have that feeling of being "caged" in by the gate system.

The First Years All Clear Swing Gate is FABULOUS!!! It has truly made a wonderful gate system and addition to our playroom. Hubbs-to-be opened the box and after scanning over the instruction guide discovered that the installation process was so simple and easy. He quickly raced to the playroom and installed it right away so Baby DIVA could resume her play time in a safe environment. The Swing Gate fits doorways ranging from 27.5" to 42.5" wide, which is awesome for us because we can use it in every doorway in our house as time lends its need in different areas.The Clear Swing Gate provides the user the option of using a pressure mount or permanent wall installation feature. We chose the wall installation because it fit our needs best in the opening doorway of the playroom. By utilizing the permanent mount installation, we are able to open and close the swing gate in both directions. This is quite handy when going in and out of Baby DIVA's playroom 5,000 times a day.

it has been well over a week since the All Clear Swing Gate became a permanent addition to our household and we are very happy with this fabulous gate system. It meets all our needs and requirements plus more. I am so glad to be past all the overwhelming and frustrated feelings of picking a baby gate. If you find yourself facing the same dilemma we encountered to keep your little one confined to a space without placing them in harms way or making them feel as though they are caged, then I suggest you take a good look at this product and grab one for your doorway!! Take it from us, Pink Haired Momma, Baby DIVA and Hubbs-to-be; Forget the frustrating decision making process and go with The First Years All Clear Swing Gate.

Just a couple of shots of the Gate in action in Baby DIVA's playroom!


  1. That's cool! I hope that Peanut doesn't require a gate until we move into the house!

  2. Baby DIVA just got to the point of needing a gate at 8 1/2 months. I think you will be okay until you move into the house. But when you do put this one on your short list of possibles! We LOVE it. I thikn we are gonna get more for all the no no area's!!


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