Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back to School

As you know Baby DIVA is only 8 1/2 months old. Therefore I have no real reason to have a care in the world about back to school this year. Except that a good majority of my friends are teachers, so I have to at least pretend to have some interest. This year I decided to bust out some Pink Haired Momma domestication for the occasion of back to school in the form of
Super delicious
I made up a new and refreshing cupcake. When back to school rolls about, yes we are headed towards fall. But if you live in the south like I do, you still have almost 100 degree temps for some time. Anything hot and heavy to eat or drink just is not gonna fly with this Pink Haired Momma.

This cupcake I cooked up for back to school is a lemon cupcake with vanilla icing. I then sprinkled crushed up smarties (get it smarties for back to school! hardy har har). The tangy sweetness combines in the mouth and results in a simply fabulous delicious treat without the overwhelming heat or heaviness of the usual fall desserts. It scrumdiliumpcious!!


I serve these fabulous little treats to my teacher friends on a plate decorated with smarties and wish them a fabulous year! Good luck my friends!


  1. What a creative idea! And they sound so yummy!

  2. They sound DELICIOUS! I'm going grocery shopping today... I'm going to have to pick up some ingredients!

  3. Hibiscus Moon, Rikki, Staci, And Nicole!!!

    Thanks guys. It was just kind of a last minute throw together idea but it was so yummy! Give them a try! It is a wonderful way to have some sweets in this awful heat!! Let me know what you think!!


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