Saturday, August 15, 2009

K-Teach plus Mr. K equals...

I have some totally fabulous news! I have been waiting for sometime now to share this fabulousness with everyone. You might recall me telling tales of my best friends wedding that I attending back in May. K-teach married her love Mr. K and they will live happily ever after.

Well it looks like we have a BABY K on the way!!! Yipppppppeeeeee! Baby DIVA will soon have her new BFF or possibly her future husband!!! AHHHHHH I am so excited for my friend and her Hubbs!!

Baby K will be making his or her appearance on February 15, 2009, give or take a bit as we all know those baby due dates LIE!!! I am hoping for a Valentines Day delivery just because I am a fan of holidays. I mean I was born on New Years. Baby DIVA was due on Christmas but came on Thanksgiving. And now I am getting married on Halloween. What better than my best friends Baby K being born on Valentine's!!!

So here is a big fat CONGRATULATIONS K-teach and Mr. K! Hoping you have a wonderful pregnancy filled with frequent trips to the bathroom, cankles, strange smells that escape from the body, and in the end you have the 2nd most beautiful baby in the world (First of course being Baby DIVA, DUH!!)

Love you guys! And Welcome to this crazy world Baby K!!!!!


  1. Aww! Congratulations to your friends!

  2. Thanks Rikki!! I will pass it on to them as well. I am just so so so so excited that my BF and my Baby DIVA will be close in age!!!


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