Thursday, August 27, 2009

Week Updates

My goodness! This silly H. Pylori has put me behind on my updates this week. Let me share a few big ones.

Happy Birthday today to my Brother who turns the big 28!! I hope his day is super fabulous! And HAHA Baby brother you are only 2 years away from 30 now!

Baby DIVA had her 9 month doctors visit on Tuesday morning. She weighed in at 19 pounds 3 ounces and is 29 1/3 inches long. Yeppers she is tall. Doctor K was very impressed with her little talents and accomplishments: been off the bottle since 6 months, feeds herself, trying desperately to walk, talking. Yep we were a regular traveling show in the pediatrician office. Oh and little miss Baby DIVA cried not one bit as she got her shot or when she had her little toed pricked for bloodwork (which we now know she is not anemic). Overall she is growing fabulous. Doctor k is very happy. She says you would never know Baby DIVA was a preemie!! YAY!!!
Chilling at Dr. K's office waiting to be seen!

And we introduced MEAT to Baby DIVA. She was not impressed as you can see below as she scowls at her bowl of pureed chicken and vegetables.

So even though I was a sickly one for Hubbs-to-be's B-day, we still had a great night. We had dinner (which i threw up, but it still tasted great) followed by the sitter arrival and then we went and saw the movie District 9. I must say I really enjoyed the movie. Or was it just the alone time with Hubbs-to-be? No, really the movie was great.

Hubbs-to-be birthday table: His favorite wings, cheesecake and a new Blu-ray!


  1. Good gosh! You've had an exciting time of it! Hope you are feeling better!


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