Friday, August 21, 2009

It is Official

Today I made a discovery; I am in fact a momma.

On any given day my wardrobe might just be a very slim line between pajamas and work out clothes. The distinction is sometimes incredibly hard to decipher. I am sorry. I like to be comfortable while chasing Baby DIVA around in her corvette all about the casa de Pink Haired Momma. Baggy comfy pants and tank tops are my friends.

Well these ensembles do provide an easy transition to bed clothes and up again morning clothes. And i never have to worry about middle of the night race to the street naked runs because i think the house in on fire and the neighbors see my post baby flabby goods. This ease from day wear to night wear is reason actually that brought  me to the discovery that I made this morning, that I am in fact a MOMMA.

So, I am sporting some lovely sea foam green comfy Capri's with a perfectly blended brown tank top. I wore this lovely get up yesterday and also crashed in it over night, after removal of sports bra of course. Well this morning I awoke a tad bit late, as it is Granny visit day, and quickly prepared Baby DIVA for her chauffeured ride to her Great Great Grandmothers house. After a quick bite to eat at a lovely little joint with my mom (public location), I took my green pants self and Baby DIVA over to Granny’s.

This is where it happened. Granny asked me with enthusiasm, “What is that there on your pants, Hun?”. And then I recalled the situation.

Last night while Baby DIVA enjoyed her fabulous prunes meal, an accident occurred which sent a huge glob of prunes to a resting place on my pants, my crotch no less. I got up and wiped it clean but it did in fact leave a huge stain. Well I finished feeding Baby DIVA, made dinner, cleaned the house, took care of Hubbs-to-be and passed smooth out, never again remembering the glob that was once on my pants. Then after sleeping late this morning, again it didn't occur to me.

So yes I am the Pink Haired Momma who didn't change out of her pajama day wear from yesterday and obviously didn't shower this morning, and YES I dined at a restaurant this morning with a stain glob of prunes of my sea foam green pants. The funny thing is, I don't really care. That right there sealed the deal that Yep, it is official I have joined the motherhood.

Hey and don't judge me on not changing and no shower, you know you are sitting there thinking about the last time you showered too, way back when! And probably checking your pants right now to make sure you too don't have a prune crotch stain!

Ha! Have a great weekend!


  1. Left thigh: Orange popsicle.
    Right shin: God only knows.
    Definitely went to grocery store in these pants. (Which are maternity pants, by the way...and I am very much NOT pregnant!)

  2. I live in tank tops and pj shorts from Old Navy. I do get dressed when I leave the house but as soon as I get home the pj's come back on.

  3. I realized while driving my son to football practice this morning that my shirt had an unidentified stain on the boob (I wore it a couple of hours yesterday).

    The sad part is that 12 hours later I still haven;t changed the shirt.

    PS - You don't know me _ I just ran across your blog when I was updating mine.

  4. Haha...too funny! I live in my pj's and it's kind of depressing me!

  5. heheehe

    i am so glad you guys are in the same boat with me. Yes I would like to be a mommy who is a dolled up and fabulous every second of every day. But seriously it aint gonna happen! Not with tots on the go. So instead i am taking pleasure in figuring out where i will find a new stain each day!!!

    MePlusMyThree!! I am so glad you stopped by! Pop on in anytime. I am gonna be popping over to visit you in just a moment!!


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