Sunday, August 16, 2009

After 8 1/2 months we did it!!!

What you ask did we do?

Pink Haired Momma and Hubbs-to-be went out on a DATE this weekend WITHOUT Baby DIVA!! It was fabulous! Yes we were nervous, but after 8 1/2 months we were also VERY ready to get the heck outta there! It was almost like we were going on our first date to prom. We even had the babysitter take our "Prom" like picture as we ran out the door.


How cheesy!
Pink Haired Momma and Hubbs-to-be have a night on the town!

So what did we do? Well we headed over to a bar we used to frequent pre Baby DIVA. A good friend of ours was there and it just so happened his lovely girlfriend was singing at the bar. Here we are enjoying adult beverages with our good friend Z-man!


We didnt stay out late like we used to back in the day, But boy we had a wonderful time. It was a well deserved break!

It was quite dark at the location of Pink Haired Momma's first night out in 8 1/2 months, but I did try and catch some video of our friend, Z-man's Gal singing. Well let me just remind you that this Pink Haired Momma has not had an adult beverage in well over 18 months, so the video I was seeing must have been an illusion because upon download all I got is just a black screen with audio! Nice! One adult beverage and this Pink Haired Momma lost her sight! LOL! So Z-man's gal does have a wonderfully fabulous voice, so I am including the short little solid black video of her on stage. Just close your eyes and listen and pretend Pink Haired Momma didn't screw up this recording!!!


  1. Ahhh I remember my first night out after baby....I was drunk off 1 drink. Lightweight!

  2. Woohoo for getting out on a date ALONE! You and your hubbs to be make a very cute couple! No wonder baby diva is so beautiful.

  3. YAYYYYYYY I'm glad you guys had fun!

  4. Date night is so awesome! You guys must participate if you have not! I dont know why we waited so long!!!


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