Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tug Tug

Baby DIVA got her ears pierced way back in the day, well her 6 month check up at the doctor way back in the day. And even though we are just simply approaching her 9 month birthday on the 25th of this month, 6 months feels like forever ago.

Over this last weekend Hubbs-to-be and I made a parental decision to remove Baby DIVA's earrings. We noticed that her little ears were a little red and the right one had a slight pussy look. Immediately I felt like I deserved the worst momma in the world award because I chose to pierce my kids ears and now she has an owie because of me! UGH!!

Well we removed them earrings and doctored up her little ears with medicine and lots and lots of momma and daddy kisses and spoiling (remind me a year from now when she knows how to work her momma that I did in fact teach her this behavior!). That was on Saturday. Well we noticed yesterday morning that her little ears were a little red. I had also noticed over the last few days that she has taken to an ear tug move that was new and I knew without a doubt it couldn't possibly be a new Baby DIVA dance move.

I, of course, turned immediately into serious and concerned Pink Haired Momma. One ring a ding call to the pediatricians office, followed by a hang up and recall because I pushed the wrong dang prompt number, resulted in an 11:40am appointment with our fabulous doctor, Dr. K. And off we went!

While we are sitting in the waiting room we met all kinds of other momma's and their kiddos. None as cute as my Baby DIVA, of course, but there were some cutie pies. For instance the little cutie pie baby girl that sat next to us. Turns our her and Baby DIVA are 8 days apart in age. You would have never known it though. This cutie pie was super tiny and laying quietly on her momma's chest. She did not feel good. My Baby DIVA was acting like a rotisserie in my lap and trying to climb up over my shoulders, attempting to rip my teeth out of my mouth and serenading the entire room with all kinds of tales, I am sure about Sponge Bob or Dora. She also demonstrated her fabulous technique on how to get Pink Haired Momma to make her a sippy with the quickness. Cutie pie's momma asked me at one point, "You here for her 9 month well baby appointment?" To which I replied, "No, she is sick!" After a raised eyebrow from cutie pie's mom I added "You should see her when she is not sick".

A quick giggle from cutie pie's mom, followed by our name being called and we were out of there and into our own little room, to wait some more for Dr. K. And in true Pink Haired Momma style, we hammed it up in our little room. Check out these pics of Baby DIVA and Grandma entertaining Pink Haired Momma while we waited.

You talking to me?

In case you wondered where Pink Haired Momma and Baby DIVA got their silly side from: GRANDMA!!!

So what if I wont wear my glasses outside, I LOVE them inside!

Dr. K gave us a clean bill of health, we must return in two weeks though for our official 9 month appointment. Baby DIVA has PERFECT ears (Dr. K's words not mine, I mean I already knew Baby DIVA had perfect ears glad Dr. K realizes this). No ear infection. But the earrings must stay out. The irritation needs to heal before we can place the earrings back in. And since little babies grow at such a rapid rate, it is quite possible our little ones ears will close up. Oh well. Now we have something really cool to fight about when she is a teenager!
AND Dr. K did let me know that some kiddos do the ear tug move the whole time they are teething. Which we all know Baby DIVA is experiencing right now. And Yes I did show the FANG to Dr. K. So if you see our little Pink Haired Momma family out and about you just might see us all doing the ear tug. We are bringing about the newest dance move in honor of Baby DIVA.
Tug Tug


  1. I'm so glad baby diva doesn't have an ear infection! Don't be hard on yourself for piercing her ears, you didn't know this would happen and I know if you did you wouldn't have done it.

    Can I ask what were the earrings made from>> She might be allergic to whatever metal the earrings are made of. I have an allergy to gold that causes a similar sound reaction. It takes awhile for it to start bothering me but once it does it's none stop. So if the holes don't close up you might want to try changing earrings.

  2. SHE IS PERFECT! Love the shades!

  3. Rikki
    they were 14k gold. We knew it would probably happen. Hubbs-to-be's mom and my mom both have incredibly sensitive ears. Hubbs-to-be gets some issues from some metals. I dont have any. We hoped she would get my genes but looks like she didnt. Oh well. I guess you live and learn. We kept a real close eye so it didnt get too bad. So i guess we are good parents! LOL

  4. Lolly!
    Thanks! Ha! She wont wear them outdoors but loves them inside! Go figure!


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