Friday, August 14, 2009


When I was pregnant with Baby DIVA I happened upon a toy that I knew I must have for her (or me, it was all the same). However said toy was about $300 at the time. I just could not justify to myself or Hubbs-to-be spending $300 on a toy for our not born child yet. I also think spending $300 on a toy for a toddler is just silly because honestly they play with any their toys for about 5 minutes! Some time went by and I got fatter and waddled some more. I would waddle past this toy anytime we went on an outing to the store and give the pregnancy lip to Hubbs-to-be and nothing would happen. I would go home empty handed from the store still waddling and with no toy. Then I got bed rested and only my fingers could do the waddling by the toy over the keyboard as I looked at it online, daily. Hoping.

And then Baby DIVA arrived. Toy forgotten. I had a new toy to play with.

And then it happened. Baby DIVA was about 2 1/2 weeks old. Hubbs-to-be and I were sitting on the couch one Sunday morning both cooing at our Baby DIVA. She of course was asleep and could care less who we were or what we were doing. I was clipping away the weekly coupons and he was checking out all the electronic sales. And then He said "Baby look!" And there it was! On the back side of the newspaper! MY TOY! ON SALE ONE DAY ONLY $99!!!

Boy I tell you what! No 2 1/2 week post birthing momma has ever moved so fast, threw on some preggo fat clothes loaded up in the car and zoomed off leaving hubbs-to-be and Baby DIVA alone at home for the first time. Not a second thought about it. Off I went. Left my child...for a toy! Hello!! issues I tell you. issues.

I got to the store and quickly hunted down my prize. I admit I still looked a little pregnant so I waddled a bit for some sympathy, i mean it was about 2 weeks before Christmas, and got some young sales guy to help me carry it to the checkout and to the car. This toy is rather big and I loved it but sure didn't feel like toting it about the store. And speaking of it being big, it was so big that we actually had to take the toy out of the box and slide it in the backseat with it's head hanging out the open window for me to get it home, in the winter. ( luckily I live in Houston, Texas, We don't have much of a winter! But I did catch a chill in the 60 degree winds that were coming in my window. LOL)

So lets stop here for a moment and take a mental picture. Pink Haired Momma. 2 1/2 weeks post birthing. Sunday morning coupon clipping clothing and face attire. Buying a toy so big it doesn't fit in the car. Nice!

I got my toy for $99 and I was super happy. Now its is nearly 9 months later and I just now introduced this toy to Baby DIVA. I just had to have it right then! And guess what? She could care less about this toy that mommy loved so much from her early womb days. So what is it? Well have a look see here at Baby DIVA when I introduced her to the TOY!!


  1. That is kinda scary.

  2. i know. I kind of feel like mean momma, but i just think this dino is so dang cool!! it even walks and she can ride it, when she is bigger of course!!


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