Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Re-Cap

What a weekend we had! Busy Busy Busy!! And lots of happenings from Birthday parties to two new teeth from Baby DIVA!!!!

Here is our yard, ready for Birthday party guests to enjoy! Notice the freshly mowed grass from Hubbs-to-be's 6:30am chore list! Happy Birthday Hun!

Lets see where do I start? Well Hubbs-to-be will be celebrating his 33rd year of life tomorrow (8-25-09), so on Saturday we hosted a fabulous birthday rendezvous at our casa. At one point Hubbs-to-be mentioned that although he enjoys being surrounded by all those friends and family who love him so dear, that awaking on Saturday morning at 6:30am to complete a list of chores is just not his idea of a cool birthday! I chuckled. But felt no real sympathy, because as a Pink Haired Momma that is a daily occurrence, birthday or not. But man we really did book it getting ready for this little soiree.

And Yes I do make goofy little signs for all the food, I think it is cool and informative! And yes Baby DIVA is in the background there, Directing!

We cooked a variety of burgers, that were all health friendly. We had tuna steak wrapped in applewood bacon, Italian turkey burgers, and garlic seasoned portabella mushroom burgers. All served with yummy white and sweet potato fries. Our good friends, Love to Shop Mom and her hubbs, brought over some totally fabulous pork ribs, that seriously melted right off the bone and into my mouth. Best ribs EVER!!And of course, Pink Haired Momma baked up some snazzy cupcakes. For Hubbs-to-be's birthday bash I provided some deliciously tasty fabulous ROCKY ROAD cupcakes. Yum Yum!
Hello Heaven in a cupcake wrapper. I must say I enjoyed these quite well. Hubbs-to-be did too. Glad since technically they were for him! LOL
Late Saturday afternoon, Baby DIVA gave me one of her famous beautiful huge smiles and what did I see???? But two new toothies!!! YAY!!! Now we have two on the bottom, and on the top we have, One Fang and her TWO FRONT TEETH! Totally explains her spazz out evil behavior last week when all she wanted to do was scream and all I wanted to do was make myself bald. She just looks absolutely adorable with her little white nubbs coming through those pink gums! AWWWWW. My baby is growing so fast! So fast indeed that Baby DIVA will be 9 months old tomorrow (8-25-09). Wow. Amazing. Takes my breath away.
So that about wrapped it up. Hosting a party for 20 people and Two new teeth, man I am pooped! Now we have a week that includes 4 birthday's, a reunion and a property tax hearing. Oh and of course we also have Baby DIVA's 9 month celebration and Doctor visit! Hope you had a fabulous weekend as well. Please tell me about it!!!!


  1. Wow, ya'll were busy!! Looks like fun though!!! Wish I had one of those cupcakes right about now :)

  2. Tiffany! Those cupcakes were fabulous. Weh ni weent back to get a second one they were history!! I am gonna have to make them again just so i can eat one!!


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