Monday, August 24, 2009

Love To Shop Mom Giveaway

Oh my goodness! Did you have a pet hamster as a kid? Did it bite you, ALOT!! Well i did. I think hamsters are so cute and so much fun BUT, they stink and they bite. Not something I really want to be around Baby DIVA> Oh and we won't even get into the fact that I have a 2 fat cats that would love a little delicious hamster snack! Hahahaha

This week over at Love to Shop Mom it is Zhu Zhu Pet week. You can read all about this fabulous new (toy) hamster system. It is so amazing. Each Day Love to Shop Mom will be spotlighting a new aspect of this great toy. Then after reading all about the ins and outs of this great new toy pet, Love to Shop Mom is hosting a giveaway of this glorious toy. Each day provides you with more information and opportunities to win. You really should swing over there and see what this is all about. I am really amazed at this cool product and I a hoping to snag one for Baby DIVA, and the cats! LOL


  1. love your following now

  2. Thanks Natalee! And darling you have one fabulous blog yourself! Totally loving it!!


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