Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oink Oink Fluffy

Its true I am not trying even in the slightest to lose weight right now. I was a tad bit fluffy before Baby DIVA and now post Baby DIVA I am still a bit fluffy. I plan on getting back to exercising some day, but not today. And now that my wedding dress has arrived and was custom made to my current measurements I think I MUST stay put at this weight until at least after the wedding. Right?

Well some dude (yes I say dude because only a MAN would do this ) asked me today as I sported a super soft roll revealing blue comfy dress while pushing Baby DIVA for a stroll down the sidewalk, if I was expecting a boy or girl. Ha! I looked at him and laughed and said" Sorry Fella but this is leftovers from her" and gave Baby DIVA a little point. Well the look on his face was priceless. You know that OH crap! Deer in the headlights look. All I could do was laugh. Thanks man. You made my day. And here i thought i was super cute in my blue dress pink hair all decked out in my Bumpits!

This kind of day would cause a normal woman to race off to the nearest gym and try and shred all the fluff in one swift run of the treadmill. I, my friends, am not your normal woman. I took my happy fluffy self home and more than happily made these ...

Oh Happy Day!

I am fluffy and proud!

And this little Piggie at them all at home!!!


  1. Martha Stewarts' tribute to swine flu

  2. Thanks guys!!

    And CK lunchbox that is hysterical. I just peed myself laughing! Thanks!!

  3. Damn you are fabulous! I myself am "fluffy" but not currently doing anything to change it, and I think it's fabulous that you are just enjoying it and not freaking out about it. You are beautiful the way you are, and I'm sure you were cute in your blue dress and pink hair! PS Abso-effin-lutely love the pig-cakes! xoxoxox Domesticated Gyspy

  4. Seriously. Only a man would ask that!

    Good for you though - those cupcakes look adorable & delicious!

  5. Domesticated Gypsy: Thanks so much. You know I once was the skinny girl and I was not trully happy, so I LOVE being a fluff monster and stuffing my self with pink oinky cupcakes and lauhging about it with friends family and my hubbs to be!! So much better than being a size 2 sitting alone drinking water!!

    Staci: I agree. Men are so dumb. I see pregnant woman all the time who are about to burst andstill i would NEVER ask just because. Men!! The cupcakes were a blast to make...and eat!!! and super easy!!


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