Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yearly Gain of Wisdom

Last night we celebrated my mom's birthday in our traditional fashion! Each year we head over to the Taste of Texas to celebrate my mom and her yearly gain of wisdom. We always have a wonderful time, full of drinking, eating and fabulous conversation and laughter. This year was a little bit different than previous years. Why you ask? Well Baby DIVA joined our family this year and therefore introduced this tradition to a whole new generation of our family. Pink Haired Momma and Hubbs-to-be quickly learned that at nearly 9 months Baby DIVA might need to stay home with her favorite sitter if mom and dad want to enjoy these type of outings! New generation or not, it makes it difficult to enjoy when nearly 9 month curiosity wants EVERYTHING on the table and isn't afraid to scream for it! Yes we were that table last night.

To add to our waiters nightmare of being that table, a very good couple friend dined with us to celebrate my moms yearly gain of wisdom. And they brought there nearly 8 week old son, Granger!! Oh my goodness how adorable is he. He is so tiny. It struck the baby fever in me. I can remember with vivid recall when Baby DIVA was that tiny and I miss it! However I also remember that at that age it was a pleasure to go out with the baby, not scream fest for the salt shaker involved!

Granger and his mommy! Too Adorable!

My Fabulous (calorie free of course) Dessert

And both babes crashed out in their respective daddy's arms as we were about to jet, figures!

Here is my wonderful mom as we serenade her on her yearly gain of wisdom. I must warn you that there is a single word of profanity at the end of this video so do beware!! Thats just my mom!

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