Thursday, May 28, 2009

Donation based Yoga

In our sour economy many of our beloved luxuries have to be cut in order to make ends meet. One of the first things that ends to get cut from people's luxuries is their workout expenses. Gym memberships. I agree that during sour times some of these luxuries should be cut, if you can keep up with your healthy exercise regimen on your own at home. Many of us can not. Luckily, we have places like Yoga West that are helping the community with this matter.

Yoga west is providing 4 classes a week that are donation yoga classes. Although there is a suggested donation of $10 per class, you may choose to donate less or more dependent on your budget allocations. These 4 classes a week provided by Yoga West are a way of reaching out to the community and helping those who need companionship to continue to exercise their bodies by easing their mind and allowing full relaxation because the expense burden is lifted. How wonderful!!

Check them out. They not only offer these donation classes to help with the budget, they also have a full range of yoga classes including mommy and me yoga!
Pink Haired Momma and Baby DIVA hope to sign up soon!!

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