Friday, December 3, 2010

Santa video and Santa letter for FREE

I am sure you have heard about the Free video letter from Santa Claus. It has been all over the blogosphere the last week or so. And let me tell it it is adorable. I made one for Baby DIVA and one for her bestie and they both just fell in love with the old dude and watched the video over and over. But true to any novelty my 2 year old lost interest and moved on leaving me to watch the video over and over again all alone.

And that is when I found a website offering Free letters from Santa Claus. Yeppers. A personalized letter from The jolly old Santa himself just for my kiddo. The website offers you a choice of printing the letter out at home, or having one mailed to you. I opted for the print option myself and have an adorable letter from Santa for Baby DIVA. There are multiple styles to choose from as well. And several different wording options too. I had a blast personalizing this letter for Baby DIVA and although she can not read right now, I am quite sure she will enjoy looking back on this letter and reading it to herself in years to come just as much has she enjoys hearing me read it to her now.

So if you want to add it alittle extra fun to the holidays for your kiddos, scoot over there and design them a Santa video and/or Santa letter! Too cute! And best of all FREE!!!!

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