Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fabulous gift finds

JC Penny is having a fabulous sale and there are several codes out there that make this marvelous sale that much better. I just had to share my good fortune with my readers in hopes they too can snag some goodies for all those tots in our lives.

I managed to get a play kitchen, Shopping cart with food, play laundry center , child's desktop computer, and a 10-1 activity learning cart (a gift for KDude), all shipped to me for a total of $60!!! That is it. Baby DIVA is going to wake up Christmas morning to a fabulous find under her tree!!

And with the savings I just might get to have a little comething from Santa for me this year too!

Here is the code I used 4RELVES. Good luck!


  1. Thank you!! I'm gonna go try it now! =D

  2. Steph i hope you snag some goodies!!!

    Kristy, me too!!!


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