Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby DIVA turning 2!

It is unbelievable! My precious Baby DIVA is going to turn 2 years old next week, on Thanksgiving Day no less. It astonishes me. Where has the time gone? How did she reach 2 years old so quickly? I am so excited to watch her grow but it also tickles a little nostalgia inside me. I miss her being so tiny and dependent on me. Now she pushes me away, whines when she doesn't get her way, is VERY independent and has to do everything her way, but she always flashes the sweetest smiles while doing so. Or perhaps it's a devious smile.

With this special day on the horizon, one might guess that a birthday bash is in the works. And BOY is it! Baby DIVA is having her very own Yo Gabba Gabba party this weekend. She loves Yo Gabba Gabba and although it is slightly annoying to me, and has a cult of pot smoking college kids following it, it is what my child adores, therefore my entire home will turn into Gabba land for a full day in honor of the one, the only, Baby DIVA.

Funny thing is, there isn’t a lot of Yo Gabba Gabba party items out there. You are shocked right? After pouring over the net and party stores, I finally decided to make Baby DIVA’s party decor from scratch. Yep. I did. And smart move on my part because I committed myself to this endeavor all while sporting some fabulous morning sickness with Baby DIVA’s little brother or sister. Smooth move mom. I simply must win Mother of the year this year. Hands down.

I found myself over on the Nick Jr website and let my creativity go wild. The website has tons and tons of printables with the Yo Gabba Gabba theme and characters. So, I printed them out and put them into play. Here are a few teasers of what Baby DIVA will find on her big day tomorrow!


Goodie Bag Treats: Yo Gabba Gabba Silly Bandz!

Homemade Goodie Bags with awesome treats inside!!

Although we went the frugal route this year with Baby DIVA’s birthday, I think it has turned out amazing. We were able to purchase Yo Gabba Gabba plates, cups and napkins but the rest of the decor was made by me. It is exactly what I know my child loves and I cannot wait to share her big day with her! But she does have one special bonus. My Mother-in-law made Baby DIVA's birthday cake. And it is nothing short of spectacular. I promise to show you this masterpiece post party!!


  1. HOw cute! My 2 year is here next to me saying I want to see. I want to see. Happy birthday!


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