Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Adventures in morning sickness

I am just destined to have the wildest crazy morning sickness stories known in my little world. I have officially decided this is my fate. Yes! Lucky me! And lucky you! You get to hear all about it. So let’s see. This week I think I am going to go ahead and just all out embarrass myself and share this horrible story with you. I mean, we all go through it right? We might as well laugh (and pee ourselves) together all the way through the yucky parts.

I was feeling pretty puny all day. Head was about to roll off my body. Stomach was doing flip flops. Sudden urges to vomit coming and going in waves that were just not even worth trying to put into an organized schedule. Baby DIVA was her fabulously whiny almost 2 year old self. Loads of fun. Did I mention I wasn’t at home? I was at a relative’s house waiting patiently for a Salvation Army pickup within the 8 hour window of time? Fun times.

First of all Salvation army shows up 15 minutes before the end of the 8 hour wait only to inform me their truck is full and I will have to call and reschedule. REALLY? Are you kidding me? I just lay here all day with a whiny tot…no need to get frustrated. Moving on. Baby DIVA and I load up in the mom ride and begin our journey home, stomach flopping all the way.

All goes well, but as we make the turn on to our neighborhood street and I feel it happening. The Barf Cup is immediately pulled out and placed at attention. The moment passes. We keep driving. I turn on to our street. I feel it. And it ain't pretty. No turning back now! Barf Cup is called in to active duty. Gross. Nasty. It happens. But that is not the embarrassing moment, believe it or not. I mean sitting parked on the side of the street, YOUR own street that is, barfing into a large orange cup in your mom ride isn’t embarrassing enough right? No let’s throw in a full bladder on top of that. Do I really need to say anymore?

I just LOVE early pregnancy!

So let me hear it guys. Share your embarrassing morning sickness stories. Make me feel better. I have at least one horrible embarrassing moment a day. Please tell me I am not the only barfing peeing on herself sick pregnant lady in the world!!!

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  1. Im sure your not the only one doing it, omg poor you, im so sorry but i have to admit I did laugh - alittle!
    I had no sickness or nastiness during my pregnancies though I was extremely lucky, I did have moments of tiredness but for the most part that was it - sorry no sicky peeing stories here xx


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