Saturday, May 28, 2011


Last week, Grandma treated us to a little fun. Big Sis DIVA had the opportunity to check out a local indoor play scape, Wonderwild . It was fabulous. An air condioned indoor safe zone, incredibly important here in the Texas heat, that tots can roam free and play, play, play, all while momma can keep eyes glued on them while sitting calmly and feeding a baby and gossiping with grandma. FABULOUS!

Wonderwild has something for every tot. A safe crawling area for non walkers filled with toys and books and puppets and balls and you name it, it is here. Enclosed so crawlers do no escape into the paths of the crazed tots racing from inflatable slides, climbing structures, kid powered trains, and giant jumping pillows. Wonderwild offers an assortment of intriguing classes that range from art to a variety of movement centered learning. Theme parties are also put on by this fabulous play scape, such as tea parties and Darth Vader events. Between the incredible space, design and toy structures as well as the inviting staff and clean facility, I would have to say this place is a definite permanent fixture on our play date rotation, especially throughout the summer heat.

Big Sis DIVA ran like crazy and made some new friends. One thing that I really liked about Wonderwild, that I usually do not find at these indoor play areas, is that they do allow you to bring your own food in. There is a section set up with high chairs and tables so you may dine on your own snacks. This is great for many reasons! Mostly, so that parents may control the food their kids eat, but also helps with budgeting, as many of us are so keen on these days. Also on the baby dining front, there are plenty of areas to discreetly feed your little tot as well as comfy chairs nestled in the restroom in a lovely sitting area to feed if you are a little more shy. Major points with this boob feeding momma!

We had a great time at Wonderwild and really look forward to going back to Wonderwild real soon! Perhaps we might even have a party or two there in the future!

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