Thursday, June 2, 2011

Playing cool

It is barely June, and we are sweating like mad here in our part of the world. It is incredibly hot outside. So much so that park play anytime after, oh 8am, is pretty much out of the question. Especially with tiny Critter2 right now. So what is one to do with a 2.5 year old Big Sis DIVA during the many hours of indoor summer torture?

Frozen learning snack

For me, momma?

Learning that hot water melts ice

Cold momma! But FUN!

Ice games! This morning Big Sis DIVA and I had a grand time during Critter2's nap. We learned that ice is COLD. And that it melts into "wa-wa" and that sometimes yummy fruit is hidden inside. We touched the ice, tasted the ice, smelled the ice, listened to the ice melting when warm water was poured on it and looked at it. All 5 senses were invoked in this little snack time play. Yes, I made snack time into playtime and learning time. A cool little experiment with Big SIS DIVA, that although was not physically stimulating, was incredibly mentally stimulating.

And then we enjoyed snack! FUN!


  1. Great idea! Congrats on Critter #2. I've been out of the loop taking care of my own #2. We seem to be on the same procreation schedule. Our kids are the same ages.

  2. Your awesome. I would have never thought of something like that. Your such a great momma :~)


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