Saturday, June 4, 2011

Due Date

Today is Critter2's official due date. But, instead of me waddling about miserable with a giant belly and cankles, I am instead holding my sweet little baby girl who turns exactly 1 month old today. AND she is finally big enough to wear her special outfit we had made for her to wear home from the hospital!

And on a funny note, Big Sis DIVA has a matching dress, but has already grown out of it this last month. LOL


  1. She is beautiful. Congratulations!

  2. My little boy turned one month old the day after his due date (due 02/18/2011, born 01/19/2011). I knew he was coming early (hospitalized for pre-term labor at 30 weeks) so we had preemie clothes ready ... but he didn't get to start wearing the cute newborn clothes we'd been buying from the beginning for weeks either! It's such a great feeling to finally put them in the clothes you picked out with special moments in mind.

    She is adorable. :-)


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