Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blueberry picking 2011

We visited the Chmielewski Blueberry farm this last weekend. A local organic farm that allows you to pick your own. This is our second year going and I have every intention of continuing to visit each year, if not another couple of times this year. I love fresh blueberries. I will not lie though, this year the pickins are a little less impressive than last year. However, we are in the middle of a massive drought and sporting 100 plus temps daily, so I am not surprised. And although the berries may be slightly smaller this year they are not lacking in taste by any means. Absolutely delicious. Oh and after a morning of picking, I had one toddler who crashed out for a 4 hour nap! SCORE 10 extra points for the Chmielewski blueberry farm!

The Berry fields

"Pop" and I loaded up on fresh berries

Grandma taught me how to pick them berries

La La La, picking berries, picking berries

I can reach!

Got one 1 mom, YUUUUM!

And Critter2, of course, snuggled in her Moby, enjoyed picking blueberries!

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