Thursday, June 16, 2011

H4L got a new gig

Things have been a changing in the Pink Haired House of Chaos recently. I think all my readers are well aware that we have added extra chaos to the home with the much anticipated arrival of Critter2! YAY. And we are now down a gallbladder. Hooray. I have never been so glad to have an organ yanked from my body, not that I do this kind of thing often. I am down 16 pounds since Critter2 arrived, which is amazing considering I only gained 4 total throughout the pregnancy.

A super big change came in early May, but I couldn't share the news publicly. But now I can! H4L has changed careers. He took a leap and landed himself in a super fun and exciting career with trains. Yep folks, Pink Haired Momma is now the hot wife of a train conductor! Well, a train conductor in training.

H4L, poor dude, has to under go 6 grueling months of rigorous training. He studies constantly when he is home and has the most odd ball working hours. But the money is amazing and the benefits are even better, so it is all worth it. And I personally just find it super awesome to be a conductors wife. Makes H4L just that much more sexy! LOL He is 1 month in and showing great promise as a super star student of the conductor "School".

So from here on out I am sure I will be entertaining you with great stories from the life of a Pink Haired train conductors wife!


  1. Does he get to wear the stipped overalls and hat ;~)

  2. Oh how exciting!! My so would be THRILLED if my husband were a conductor LOL!

  3. Congrats on the new gig! Choo choo!


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