Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We had a Date Night!

View of Kemah from the Cruise

I have 2 kids. It takes me 4 hours to get out the door, just to drive a letter to the mailbox and back. I forget when the last time I showered was. With all this going on you can imagine that finding time for a date night gets dropped to the bottom of the list and long forgotten. Well, not anymore!

Princess Pork chop, living it up

H4L and I broke down and had a semi date night. By semi, I mean we sent Big Sis DIVA off to grandma's and we loaded up Princess Pork Chop (whom we knew in womb as Critter2), and headed down to Kemah to embark on a fabulous Murder Mystery dinner Cruise. You see, it might have been 4 years ago that we had an actual date night, and it is possible it may be another 4 years before wee have another one, so we felt we should do it big and RIGHT since we had a chance.

Handsome H4L striking blog poses for me! :)

We were honored to participate in the murder mystery dinner plot among the most accommodating and lovely cruise boat provided by Star Fleet Yachts. From the moment we arrived we found nothing but an adoring staff, enter the beautiful Princess Pork Chop, who provided us with anything and everything we needed to fill our bellies and quench our thirst as well as guide us through the experience with great ease.

Once aboard we were shown our assigned table and greeted our fellow shipmates. We sat down and the entertainment began. I enjoyed the way the cast and crew casually integrated the murder mystery plot into our dinner, enabling a smooth transition for both. AND H4L was even part of the show playing a mobster! Ain't he a doll???

H4L acting all mobster, he is on the left!

Our fellow shipmates were a riot and we had a blast laughing and working our way through the murder mystery show. We dined on some absolutely delicious dinner and watched the sun set in the distance over the water. Princess Pork Chop fit right in to the fun family centered dinner cruise and yet we also felt like grownups and enjoyed our "Date night".

Clearly, this momma needed a DATE NIGHT!

If you are looking for a fun evening out, with your hubbs, or kids if need be :), I would highly recommend looking in to the Star Fleet Yachts dinner cruises. The fabulous Murder Mystery dinner cruise H4L and I attended is not the only offering. Star Fleet has a wide variety of cruise options to fit any appetite. Everything from Murder mystery to Firework spectacular, your dinner cruise wish can be granted. It really is a wonderful night out. We had a grand time and we look forward to going back again, alone and with both girls!

**Star Fleet Yachts provided me with the opportunity to cruise their line at no charge. My experience and my thoughts are that of my own and honest and not persuaded by the company.**

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