Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tin can windchime

I love color. I love whimsy. I love things that are a little bit funky. And I LOVE doing activities with my kids. So when I happened upon this lovely little idea, I knew Big Sis DIVA and I had to get to crafting.

Tin Can Wind Chime.


I saved up some veggie cans and tuna fish cans. Cleaned them, sent them through the dishwasher and laid them out to dry. I am a bit of a worrier, so I took black electrical tape and covered the "open" edge of all the cans.

Then I set up the workspace and surprised Big Sis DIVA. We used spray paint for our project.

I allowed her to watch me paint the cans while she played on her swing set. I didn't want her to breathe in the fumes.

After the cans dried, Big Sis DIVA helped me use the hammer to poke holes in the cans (you know this was a riot, right?) and thread wire to hang our cans. Simple. fun. Exciting.

We now have a lovely little colorful funky piece of whimsy hanging on the swing set, a fine choice by Big Sis DIVA, that blows in the wind and makes beautiful sounds. Oh! Wait! We have no wind. It is a summer in Houston! Perhaps in the fall the whimsical tunes will accompany the whimsical appearance of our fun little craft!


  1. I am going to steal this idea :~)
    Where did you get the wire thread to hang it? Its crazy windy here and has broke all of my wind chimes. As a matter of fact, I have one last one outside and my new one I hung inside. Ha.
    I think the kids will love this craft.
    Thanks for the good ideas :~)

  2. Crystal, i got the thread from my husbands tool kit. LOL but i think i have seen it at walmart before. Either in the tool section or bead section. Have fun. This was fun with Big Sis DIVA and I love that it can be personlaized. There is a blog i follow, the imagination tree, that posted this a few weeks back and they used glitter on theirs!!


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