Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday Tidbit

Have you been searching for a fantasticly fabulous way to store your kiddo's goodies from the school year? U know so that the awesome masterpieces of art that the young ins bring home that take hours upon hours of very descriptive explanation to fully interpret what the image is, however still somehow manage to stroke the creative heart strings of every mommy. Usually they end up on the Fridge and after a while the fridge has so many masterpieces on it that no one can walk by, for fear of the attack from the thick wall of masterpieces.

You don't need any more clutter piling up either. I mean that giant pile of dust bunnies that have made a lovely nest over in corner is enough clutter this week. I just checked my nest and looks like my bunnies have some really cool new shiny accessories that adorn their wispy walls.

Anyway back to this storage idea. I was taking a much needed break and reading an awesome mom magazine (and yes it is true this moment was on the pot, because you know that is the only time I get free and alone these days) when I happened upon this fabulous idea to preserve each school year. I thought this week more than ever would be a great time to share this tidbit because school is ending for the year.

This mom wrote in to the magazine and said that she takes a picture of her kiddo on the first day of school and the last day of school. She then places these pics in the child's backpack he used from the school year. Along with several of his favorite masterpieces and mementos of the year. The she saves the backpack full of the chosen goodies for kiddo to look back on anytime he wants. Memories preserved without taking up too much time space and energy!

Totally Fabulous!

How cool is that!!! Easy to store and hide away!

I am so loving this idea. I think I will be implementing this with Baby DIVA. Once we grow out of her Super fun diaper bag, I will be turning her bag into her first saved memory bag. I will put all my favorite little outfits and goodies in here as well as a small scrapbook of pics from the time period we use the diaper bag. Maybe even favorite toys from this period too. And I might also write a little letter to her from me and tell her cool stories from this time period too. Then we she looks back over the years she not only can see the goodies and pics but will have a written memory from Pink Haired Momma!!

The ideas that can come from this tidbit are limitless. Use your imagination with the storage bags and time periods and provide the little ones with a nifty way to reminisce their growing years!!


  1. That's a G R E A T idea! I think I'll do it too!!

  2. Mandie!
    I thought so too! I just think it is so cool! Nice way to protect everything and store in a fun way...and more important organized way!


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