Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Disney for Free

Baby DIVA is being brought up in a dual language family. Not only am I hoping that she grasps English and Spanish as native tongue but I also have high hopes she learns a third or more languages of her choosing as she gets older. While browsing through some of my favorite Houston outing hot spots today I cam across and totally fabulous adventure that seems to highlight my passion for Baby DIVA and my hopes for her and her multi-language quest in life.

Miller Outdoor Theatre, right here in our fabulous city of Houston is hosting a beautiful interpretation of Disney's Aladdin in dual languages on June 9-11 at 11:00am. Now this is not just a "dual" translated interpretation. The plot revolves around multiple languages. It seems that Aladdin and all the townspeople speak English while Jasmine only speaks Spanish. Jafar however has the ability to understand and speak both English and Spanish. This interpretation enables the viewer to be immersed in multiple languages in a familiar scenario and I think it is lovely!!
Produced by Theatre Under the Stars, TUTS Humphrey's School.

And there is no charge for Children's performances at the Miller Outdoor theater! Fabulous! We are going to try and make it out and watch. You should too!!!

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