Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bittersweet Wednesday Recap

Yesterday we had a day full of bittersweet emotions!

I just love the look on Baby DIVA's face!
Umm whatever with your kisses Mom!
First we had a totally fabulous lunch with a new and exciting friend, a fellow mommy blogger!! Woohoo!! Lovetoshopmom and her little Diva(who is so dang cute!) met myself, the Pink Haired Momma and Baby DIVA at the yummy 11th street cafe in the Heights for a fun and fabulous lunch. The DIVA's discussed the exchanging of chupy's and how to be divalicious while they dined on sippy cups at the cafe. Us moms chatted and enjoyed each others company. It was so awesome to not only meet another mommyblogger and fellow Houston Area Mommy member but to meet a new friend and mom to a DIVA. We are an elite breed! LOL

Mommy Bloggers and Baby DIVA's!!!!!!

The prizes I won from Lovetoshopmom's Birthday Blog giveaway!!!

The afternoon unfolded into a less than desirable situation. As you know Baby DIVA and I spend several days a week with Granny, my Great Grandmother, Baby DIVA's Great Great Grandmother. Well Granny has a cat named Squeaky who is a lovely elderly gentlecat. Yesterday afternoon Squeaky's age finally caught up to his perky pesky little body. His health has been in decline in recent months and we had to take him to his doctor with the quickness. As of now it does not look good for this gentlecat, Squeaky. His kidney's are failing and his health is in a downward spiral. His doctor's are doing what they can but we are braced for the worst. After the Vet run, we had to share this news with my great grandmother. Sqeaky is her pride and joy, next to Baby DIVA of course. So it was not a lovely afternoon to say the least.

Baby DIVA and Squeaky chillin

Wednesday evening found us at my Brother-in-law to be's home celebrating his fabulous 29th birthday!! Yippee Uncle Nightstick!! Happy Big Birthday to you.You are catching up with Pink Haired Momma, the thirties are looming for ya boy!!! Baby DIVA was so excited to play with her cousins and see her family. Her other Uncle Diamond is in town too, so she was pleased to cuddle with him too!!
So we completed our bittersweet day with two totally fabulous happenings and one less than happy or desirable situation. Today may be another bittersweet day as actions may need to be addressed and consoling of Great Grandmothers are in order!! But it is also a fabulous day because baby DIVA is 7 months old, is currently napping and Hubbs-to-be is home all day to celebrate!! Woohoo!!!


  1. I'm sorry about the cat! Losing a beloved pet is so hard.

  2. It is so sad. thank you. Granny is devastated. My heart breaks for her.

  3. That's wonderful that you got ot meet up with a fellow blogger. How fun. Ms. DIVA is adorable.

    So sorry to hear about the kitty.

  4. we had so much fun at our meet up yesterday too! so glad to meet you and your lil cutie diva! so sorry to hear about your grannys cat, that is so sad :(

  5. Thank you Love to shop! It is hard t olose the cat, but harder to watch Granny's anquish!


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