Thursday, June 18, 2009

Motorcycle diet

Hubbs-to-be informed me that he is officially on a diet.

I thought Great! This is wonderful! I have been trying for some time now to convert our lifestyle to not only a greener more frugal way of life (Boas and Tiaras and Pink Diamonds are included in this new lifestyle of course), but I have also been striving to make our lives healthier. We are learning how to grow our own fresh fruits and vegetables (yes the carrots were not much success this year, but Hey I grew a bite of edible food from a seed. Baby Steps!). We recycle more. We compost. I work like a mad woman to save money in all areas of our life from groceries and coupons to making everything ourselves. It is a new lifestyle but a welcomed and enjoyable one.

So when Hubbs-to-be enlightened me to his new commitments I was incredibly thrilled. He then proceeded to tell me the dirty details and the rules and regulations of his diet plan.

Here they are:
Hubbs-to-be loses 40 pounds he buys a Motorcycle.

Gotta love a man's mind!
Here is my Pink Haired Momma thoughts on this new diet reward!
Pink Momma could ride second fiddle in this sidecar!!

Baby DIVA digs this one!
Oh Hell Pink Haired Momma will drop 40 and get one too!!!


  1. That's a good idea! Hubby needs to lose about 100lbs and he also wants a motorcycle. Maybe I should propose this to him! That might get him off his ass!

  2. Try it! Has Hubbs-to-be working it. I went out for ice cream and teased him after dinner and he didnt budge! I think a motocycle may be in my future...40 pounds less future that is!!

  3. My hubby wants a motorcycle so bad! everytime we pass one he has to stop and stare!

  4. Honestly I just do not get the fascination with the two wheeled vehicle. Now if we are to pass a weird ARTY car or somethting I begin to drool!!


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