Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Indoor Play Lands ROCK!!!

Baby DIVA is getting out and about! We had our first official PLAY DATE today. Pink Haired Momma and Baby DIVA joined the ladies of HAM and the kiddos at a fabulous indoor play area and got goofy. The kiddos played and had a good old time. Baby DIVA watched as her new pal J-man crawled across the floor. She admired his leg movements so much that upon arrival to Great Great Granny's this evening Little Miss Baby DIVA attempted her first real crawl. She tried so hard but just could not quite get herself going as good as J-man! Unbelievable! Woohoo!!

Baby DIVA also had a wonderful time meeting Miss K-cutie who has the most gorgeous blue eyes!! The girls shared notes on sippy cups and came to the conclusion that PINK rocks! The babes tootled about the wonderful play area and laughed and giggled.

Baby DIVA and J-man
Whats up girl!

I agree K-cutie, Pink sippy cups ROCK!!!

Check out all the kids in this pic!!!
Super fun time!
Totally fabulous time. Great kids! Super wonderful ladies! If you wanna have fun like this you should check out the HAM site and see what exciting adventures are coming up next!!!


  1. That's awesome! D is attempting crawling too and it's pretty cute!

  2. Oh GO baby D! The crawl attempt is so dang cute!!


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