Tuesday, June 30, 2009

4 months to go

I wonder sometimes where my bride gene is. I do not get all girlie and silly about my wedding. I don't have any real stress about it. I don't find myself even thinking about it or planning it with each breath I take each day. I watch those really fun bride shows on TV like Platinum Weddings , Amazing wedding cakes, Whose wedding is it anyway, and of course Bridezillas . I think the elaborate weddings are really gorgeous; Some phenomenal events with incredible decor and cakes and entertainment. Then I see the costs and I am like WHY? Would you on any other occasion treat 650 of your closest friends to a dinner party for the cute price tag of half a million bucks. Ya! I don't think so! I got better plans for those dollars.
*little note that those crazy girls on those bride shows make me pee my pants on a regular basis. Super cool. Now if they make me pee my pants I am definitely NOT gonna follow in their footsteps because I might in turn make some other woman pee her pants...now what a minute that could be rather fun...*
I kind of think of my wedding day just as if it is another day that is going to be a lot of fun and a day that I get to wear a cool dress. If things do not go according to plan, Oh well. We will still be married at the end of the day. I still love my Hubbs-to-be and want to spend my life with him even if my bridal bouquet wilts, or make table linens are a slight shade off from my color (not that I have a color bc I am a multi color masquerade Halloween Black dress wearing Pink Haired Momma bride).
I do not find myself fretting over the perfect flowers, or the perfect linens or any of that crap. I honestly do not care. Yes I want it to be beautiful and fun and memorable. But the actual crap that is there I don't really care about. I care that my closest family and friends witness the vows I make to the love of my life and father of my daughter. I care that my Hubbs-to-be is happy and that he also gets the wedding he desires. I care that Hubbs-to-be shows up to take vows with me!
But the dirty details are just not all that significant to me. I guess that is why I so love the idea of a Las Vegas wedding. The wonderful staff at the Venetian will do everything for me. I just hop online pick out some pics of flowers and songs, mail in a check and POOF, a wedding just for me and Hubbs-to-be. I love it. Now, honestly there are a few more steps in there but you get the idea.

Well we are 4 months from the BIG day and I can honestly say I didn't do crap in planning area this month. Sure I thought about it. I imagined myself in my black wedding gown and masquerade mask walking down the aisle to marry the man I love, but I did NADA in the area of planning. And you know what?? It is okay because it is all done for me!! Well I do need to get the ball rolling on our casual reception planning, the part that we will host at my parents house the weekend after our vows are taken but again it is casual and I am not too particular.

Oh well. Better luck next month!

4 months to go...


  1. I've GOT to see that dress!

  2. The wedding isn't what matters, it's the marriage. That's the view I had during my wedding planning. Although there were times when I stressed but not to the point of bridezilla-ness. Just in a "oh my gosh there is so much to do" way. I honestly couldn't have cared less if it were a perfect wedding. As long as it ended with me married to the love of my life I was a happy camper.

    I can't wait to see the picturs from this wedding! I think it is going to be GORGEOUS.

  3. You know when I got married no one even noticed the hand painted blah blah or the crystal do da's that were present. Everyone was just happy we were happy and we had a good time. I agree when I watch those shows I can not believe the money they are spending on ONE FREAKING DAY!! Oh well, to each its own!

  4. Thank you I BLEED PINK. I think that is what we are going for. No one honestly cares about the crap. They just want US to be happy. And we just want our friends and family to enjoy their night too, I mean it is Halloween in Vegas!!

  5. Rikki!
    I agree just the fact that we are being found by law and heart is all i really care about! Anything else is just a bouns!!


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