Friday, July 3, 2009

Have a fab weekend!!!

It has been a few days since my last post. I have not fallen off the planet but sometimes I wish I would!! I have been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!

So lets see Baby DIVA decided to pull a total DIVA move and not sleep this week AT ALL one full night and one full day. You know that just ruined all days that followed; however she in turn then slept a full 12 hours straight the next day. I kept sitting near her bed waiting for her to"wake up" and be her DIVA self, so of course her wonderful gift of sleep to mom was wasted on me waiting for her to do something. Nice. Not only did I not sleep during her restful slumber, I didn't clean or organize or utilize the time wisely. I sat and watched her and food network. BAD Pink Haired Momma!!

We introduced a walker to baby DIVA. I was a little slow to get her in one these little goodies. She is moving at such remarkable speed in development, that I am so afraid that this walker when get her two legged moving in no time. And as excited as I am for this to happen, I wonder when this occurs when am I to Blog??? AHHHH My baby DIVA is growing too fast!

Granny has been doing great but She is still incredibly sad of the loss of her kitty, as to be expected. But Baby DIVA hams it up for her Great Great Grandmother and gets her smiling each day. This is totally fabulous for me because it sure ain't easy trying to please and old Great Granny who is saddened by her loss of cat. In fact she asked me to throw out everything, and I mean everything she even wanted her clothes gone, but she wants to keep the cat litter box full of the litter the cat last used. UMMMM NO GRANNY! Sorry i am putting my quick moving foot down. Ya you beat me to it with you walker! It has been loads of fun!!

I have been crafting away this week too. I know! I know! Quite the scary thought! Pink Haired Momma and scissors or worse a glue gun! AHHHHHHHHHH!! Seriously though, I have been working on some projects and I really hope to get them completed this weekend...and then post some pics of my accomplishments!! Woohoo!!

Today I am so excited to go and meet my dear friend and fellow blogger, Lovetoshopmom. We have a glorious afternoon planned of fried pickle munchies followed by fabulous junk and fabric shopping! Total love it!

And since I have been absent for a couple of days and have not performed the daily dose of Pink Haired Momma humor for you, I would like to slide into the weekend by engage you in this hysterical new device my mom found while surfing the net.
A kushy boob prop

It looks like a toilet paper roll covered in fabric and slipped between the boobies. I got some knockers on me, so although i think this is just hysterical and did invoke a nice pee in pants moment, I also considered the possibility of purchase. LOL! Come on my big boobie buds you know you did too after that initial giggle!!!

Have a totally fabulous Fourth of July weekend! Stay safe and EAT, DRINK and Dance Naked!!!


  1. I can Not WAIT until our MOMMY DATE!!! hehehehehehehehehe!!!! I am just way too excited to get out of the house by myself with another mommy!!!
    OMG i almost peed my pants with that kushy boob prop!!!! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. LOL that boob support thing is hilarous! I especially like that it comes in different colors for different races, because you know that matters when nobody can see you and you are ASLEEP. Apparently clevage wrinkling is a bigger problem than I once thought.

  4. Hahaha...that's hilarious!

    Baby Diva is a DOLL! Isn't it crazy how fast they're growing?!

  5. Rikki that boob thing got me rolling!!Cracks me up!! I peed all over myself. Maybe i should find other body part assistance devices! LOL Just kidding!!

  6. Chelsea
    Baby DIVA is growing so fast!! But man I scooted over to your blog and saw Ben and OMG girl you got your hands full. Walking talking baby boy at 7 months!! You should be proud and Very SCARED!! LOL


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