Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Are you Crazy4jigsaws????

I am!

I love puzzles of all kinds. Mind benders, word games, number crunchers. But my absolute favorite are jigsaw puzzles. I can recall working puzzles with my great grandfather and my dad as far back as I can remember. Puzzles are just one of those ageless forms of entertainment. In different varieties you can find pleasure as a toddler, a teenager, as a young adult and even as a ripely matured adult. It is quite amazing that one form of entertainment can intrigue such a multitude of ages for decades.

Recently I was introduced to the website Crazy4jigsaws . This site is so much fun. Not only can you work all kinds of puzzles, you can design your own puzzles too. By this I mean you can choose how many pieces will be in your puzzle. What shapes your puzzle pieces will be. What picture will your puzzle will be. There are just all kinds of different possibilities to stimulate your mind.

And as a Pink Haired Momma the greatest part for me is NO MESS!! The advanced technology that our lifestyles have become accustomed to, have enabled us to work all levels of these puzzles with just a click of the mouse! Right here on our computer! It is so awesome! You can work your puzzle. Then press save, run to dinner and come back later and keep going. Or you can save your puzzle and run out the door laptop tucked under your arm and then complete it while on your lunch break.

Here is a screenshot of a puzzle in progress!

And here we have a glimpse at the puzzle possibilities

And how cool to have these cool shapes as puzzle pieces

And it gets even better!

At Crazy4jigsaws not only do you get to relish in the glory of your accomplishment of completing a puzzle, you get to rack up points by completing puzzles that can then be utilized to win REAL puzzles sent to your house! You can also upload your own images and they are then created into puzzles of your choosing. You can keep them saved to your account and you can even send them as E-cards to all your friends and family! The Crazy4jigsaws site is free to play and they offer free membership that allows users to compete for solve times, upload photos, and earn puzzle points for solving puzzles. As mentioned, the Puzzle points can be redeemed for tickets in the monthly contests to win REAL puzzles. Now if you are a crazy4jigsaws maniac like myself, you may be interested in the premium membership program. With the premium membership you have the ability to save a puzzle in progress and can view puzzles at full screen size. Fabulous my friends! Just Fabulous.

I have spent the last few days playing around on Crazy4jigsaws and I am so addicted. I am just so tickled at this website. It is a lot of fun. It is so fabulously entertaining for me. And Baby Diva was also entertained for a quite long period of time as she watched her crazy Pink Haired Momma obsesses of completing a difficult puzzle. LOL! And I also have been able to get my Great Grandmother involved. We uploaded some of the pictures we have scanned from her collection of memorabilia and showed her the ropes on puzzle play on the computer. She has taken right to it.

My great Grandmother on her 1st birthday! She loves working this puzzle!
I think crazy4jigsaws is a fabulous site. You really should check it out. It defiantly provides entertainment in a way that is easy to use and incredibly stimulating. Click here to get started!!


  1. What's with all of the reviews lately PHM? I miss your photos and your WRITING. Oh, but good luck on your vacation contests. I would love to win a vacation but I'm too lazy to enter any contests. Muah!

  2. Lolly!!
    Dont worry i am still here writing all my silly thoughts!! I am loving the reviews because it is all kinds of cool stuff that helps me stay sane and baby DIVA entertained! Baby DIVA is running wild and keeps me on my toes!! How is peanut?

  3. Crazy4jigsaws sounds really great! I'm going to have to check them out! Thanks for sharing.

    When you get a chance come join me in the fight against hunger. General Mills will donate a box of Cheerios to a food bank for simply commenting on my “I’m Blogging It Forward To Fight Hunger” post! How cool is that?!

  4. ahappyhippy mom! thanks for coming by! I do hope you enjoy the jigsaw site. It is a blast! And yes i sure will help you in the fight against hunger!!


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