Friday, July 24, 2009

Mosquito Eliminator

The DIVA's MESH Mosquito Eliminator

I am so sick and tired of these crazy summer mosquitoes!
They keep attacking my precious Baby DIVA and it is making me quite angry. I am not the only one either. Hubbs-to-be has turned into the one man mosquito eliminator! Seriously I am not kidding. The man has gone crazy planning and plotting the demise of every mosquito in the Texas area. So far he has removed any possible breeding grounds for the beasts that are withing a 50 foot perimeter of our home. He then sprayed like mad the surrounding areas of of home to destroy any traces of the beasts that may be lingering. Next hubbs-to-be placed citronella candles at every door way, the smell and glow now invites us in to our warm home each time we come walking up to the entrance. This was followed by the bug light zapper that now adorns our front entry way. Believe it or not, after all of this those hideous beasts still found the sweetness of my Baby DIVA and left their mark on her face again throughout the night. So Hubbs-to-be took it another step farther. Citronella candles reside around Baby DIVA's crib. I washed Baby DIVA every night in Lavender not only to keep her clean and comfortable and sleepy but to help battle those bugs. Was not getting the job done though! We then purchased the Off bug clip on thingy, which I might add was quite difficult to find as EVERY store within a 10 mile radius sold out over the 4th of July weekend and left us hunting like mad to find one. We finally did and clipped it to the crib at night. And guess what? Still that crazy pest left a mark on her cheek.
So now several weeks in to this battle we have finally finally found the right ingredients and perfected of eliminator cocktail and Baby DIVA has made it through the night with no new face bites!! Thanks to my Mother-in-law-to-be, Baby DIVA now truly sleeps like a DIVA with white mesh draped elegantly around her crib, keeping those horrid bugs away from her!! I don't know where they were sneaking in from. We don't see them in the house and they don't attack me or the Hubbs-to-be. I guess we are just not sweet enough! But now we have The DIVA's MESH Mosquito eliminator and it worked totally fabulous!!!

Failed against the beasts who want my Baby DIVA's sweetness
Citronella provides a deterrent but was no match for the horrific beasts!

So now Baby DIVA is protected with MESH and we can all rest better!! Woohoo!!


  1. I love the new look of the blog!

  2. I love the mosquito netting over the crib! It would be oven more diva-licious if you clipped or sewed on some butterflys or flowers, and a crown of roses right around the ring at the top would be devine! Just some thoughts... I have a boy so I never got to diva-dress a nursery, and I have all these over-the-top ideas I never got to use!

  3. I love the idea of sewed on butterflies, flowers, princessy things!

  4. I BLEED PINK: i just love writing your name!!

    Thank you so much. I love it too! Lovetoshopmom did a fabulous job on the design and so did Hubbs-to-be (he did my logo)

  5. Domesticated Gypsy! Fabulous idea hun! I think I will get crafting on the DIVA's net...hmmmmm stay tuned for the pink haired momma crafty work!! LOL

  6. Mandie! Me too! I am gonna do it! Something sassy and divalicious!

  7. Oh, bless her heart. The bugs have been bad this year in NC too. Yey for pretty netting :-)

  8. Poor thing! I hated living in Houston but it seemed like they had the mosquito thing taken care of. Guess not. The net is kinda cool! I wouldn't pu the candles around her crib now that the netting is there- it might set on fire and that would be totally bad. Love ya!

  9. Crystal! The bugs are horrid! I hate them with a passion. Thank goodness for this net!!

    Hey Lolly! Dont worry no lighting of candles here! I am too afraid of fires. Got rid of almost all the candles (ecept those in the hurricane kit LOL). We just have the citronella sitting near the crib. I would like to find a citronella plant instead, but i havent hunted yet!!


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