Sunday, July 26, 2009

Organization Rocks!!

So this weekend Hubbs-to-be and I completely baby proofed the entire house for Baby DIVA. I mean now that she is 8 months old and thinks she can run at full force through the house, we couldn't risk any Uh-ohs! This baby proofing process resulted in two really exciting things.
One The playroom is now set up and Baby DIVA can play! play! play! ALL day long in a safe haven!! Woohooo!!! Now let me also say that even with ALL the toys our spoiled little baby DIVA has in her newly set up playroom, she chose to play with the tiny string sticking out from the carpet in her doorway under neath the baby gate. NICE. Glad you like all momma and dadda's hard work!!!

~Playroom and Baby DIVA toy hunting~

Second we cleaned our office! Hallelujah!! You can see the floors and I totally forgot we had windows in that room!! We picked up some fabulous organizer containers and took control back of our world!! All of my crafting materials are in order! My cookbooks and cupcake making utensils are organized! Hubbs-to-be has all his computer graphics and photography supplies in order! We can both enjoy our hobbies again! I am sooooo happy and excited! Now if I want to do a craft or make a cupcake I can go right to the area it is stored and Voila all my supplies are there! Not hanging out in the garage, kitchen or sometimes even the bathroom! FABULOUS!!! Being organized just makes life so much better!
Oh I almost forgot!!! We also ordered our WEDDING Invitations!!! Woohoo! And since Hubbs-to-be is the designer ( i love marrying a graphic dude), we spent 80 bucks for 250 invites! Hot diggity dog!!! They should be in here in 7 days! FABULOUS!!!!


  1. The playroom looks awesome!

    I can't wait to see the wedding invites, I bet they look great!

  2. Rikki! I am so excited about them. He did a fab job. As soon as i get them i will post pics!!

    Chelsea! I agree! Baby DIVA LOVES it! And momma does too!

  3. It looks so great! can you come organize my house now! hehehehee

  4. Yey for organizing :-)
    Hopefully you will let us see the invites :-)


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