Thursday, July 23, 2009

Juicy Sippy Yum!!

I have the cutest and silliest Baby DIVA!!!
So I made homemade fresh apple juice for her. This was her first taste of fluid other than water and formula and she took right to it. She cracks me up. She would not put down the Sippy. She kept gagging herself because she was trying to drink it so fast! Sure did make this Pink Haired Momma feel like an expert juice maker!!


  1. could not view it. I'm sure it was adorable.

  2. Hibiscus Moon: I fixed it. Silly me had the wrong settings! You should be able to see Baby DIVA in action now! LOL

  3. You must share your how to's on making home made apple juice. My little diva drinks so much apple juice it is crazy. I would save a ton of money if i coulg make it myself! OH and YEAH baby diva for loving apple juice!!!!

  4. Love to shop Mom: It is so easy! I cut up some apples into small chunks threw them in the juicer. then took the juice and diluted it some with water to PRESTO apple juice. Now i have frozen the juice into ice cubes and when she wants juice i take a few out (concentrate) and mix with water in her sippy!!


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