Thursday, July 16, 2009

Market Day

Can I just say how much I love the farmers market! But can I also say how exhausting it is to go out in the excruciating heat and hit the market every Wednesday! My goodness. Yesterday was market day. My mom, Baby DIVA and myself hit up the local grocery stores, drug stores and farmers market. We are coupon freaks and hit the sales. We are very active participants in the grocery game style of shopping. So for us, a grocery day involves many different stores and stops and coupons and HEAT!! Lots and Lots of HEAT right now!! UGH. The rewards are plenty though. We stock 5 households full of food and necessities for less than I used to spend on just us. It takes some work but man I love it! And so does the rest of my family! They reap the rewards of my mom and I getting coupon happy!

So back to our farmers market run. Besides the HEAT and this Pink Haired Momma dripping pink sweat all over town, we found some fabulous fresh fruits and vegetables this week. The fruits were looking sweet and delicious and the vegetables were crisp and clean. We walked away with the usual of potatoes, onion, garlic, lettuce, and tomatoes. This week however we threw in some white eggplant, purple eggplant, some humongous zucchini, jimaca, cactus, hibiscus flowers for tea, and beets! Totally delicious. I can not wait to get cooking on some of these yummy and healthy fresh foods.

Here is a snapshot of this weeks fabulousness from the farmers market!! YUM YUM
White Eggplant!
I have never seen white eggplant before nor have I ever cooked with it. Stay tuned this week as I embark on my first cooking experience with this crazy little food!!
And some cactus for the Hubbs-to-be! He loves this stuff. And when we have it in the house HE COOKS breakfast.
***not to self***I must learn how to grow and harvest this so that I never have to cook breakfast again!!


  1. OMG you have to teach me your tricks!

  2. I have just recently started the coupon crazed shopping, but I am not a pro like you... maybe some day I will be :-)

  3. Lovetoshopmom! Start picking up the sunday paper and cutting the coupons. It takes a little whie to get the collection going. The nwe can work out some shop time training!

    Crystal! I am still learning. I started last december, well thats when i went all out with the coupons anyway. It has taken a while for me to build up my stockpile but now i am really starting to see thte benefits. Stick wit hit for at least 6 months and then look at the food bills and you will see the change!!


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