Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dream Travel in an RV: Where would you go?

Well I am a little more impressed with The Great American Road trip this week. I think partly because Mr. DiSalvatore had hardly any screen time this episode. And I must say the time he was on the screen I was just bored and rather annoyed. His poor family.

During the King of the Road challenge the families were told they had 200 miles to prepare a "talent" show performance. Well all the families did a great job with teamwork and putting together some cute performances. However Mr. DiSalvatore and his arrogant attitude took charge of his family and decided that their talent would be a rap song he composed. Well they did not do well at all. No one seemed like they enjoyed it at all; audience and performers both, well except Mr. DiSalvatore. Poor family.

The other families all performed quite well especially given that they had only a 200 mile drive to prepare. And then when they show up to the theater their RV game led them, they discover several hundred people are going to be watching their basically impromptu talent show. I think all the teams did a fabulous job under these conditions. My hometown team the Rico's from Katy did an excellent job with their Route 66 skit. But I am in agreement with the judges that this week the best performance was in fact the Pollards. I love the attitude and personality of Mrs. Pollard. She is just a southern girl with a friendly smile and attitude. The Old MacDonald routine was so full of energy and fun. Simple yet entertaining. Perfect for a quick throw together talent show. The costumes were awesome as well.

Luckily for the remaining 6 families, no one gets sent rolling home in their RV this week. Instead of having the bottom 3 compete to stay in the game, the top 3 families compete for a "GREAT" prize. This challenge was hysterical. The kids took the lead and guided their fathers who were blindfolded with these weird goggly light bearing things through a maze of old classic cars. It was a riot and well worth viewing just for laughs. The Cootes and the Pollards are neck in neck for the finish of this challenge, but the Cootes take the win and will receive a Hollywood red carpet vacation to a movie premiere! Congrats you guys!! Enjoy!!

That pretty much wrapped up the episode this week. I am getting a better vibe this week from the show and I am still hoping for the best! And of course if you missed it I am happy to provide you with the link to Episode 2 .


  1. I think it would be so fun to travel the US with the family in a RV... maybe one day :-)

  2. Crystal! Me too. Hubbs-to-be and and I are actually wanting to do this. We are bot hworking really hard t ofind jobs we can telecommunte from so we can d ojust that, trave lthe country in our RV with the kiddo!! Thats how dream travel posting started. I find cool places i want t ogo and pretend we are in the RV already! hahahaha! We hope some day soon this will happen!!


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