Friday, July 31, 2009

My Dress My Dress My Dress!!!

My WEDDING DRESS is HERE!!! It is at my house. In my closet hanging there staring at me and calling me over and over "Pink Haired Momma! Pink Haired Momma", to come and play dress up with it! It is just patiently waiting for this Pink Haired Momma to slip it on so it can strut its stuff down the aisle to marry Hubbs to be in Las Vegas!!.....

Wanna see my DRESS???

HAHAHA!!! You just thought you were gonna get a sneak peek of me in it huh?

Nope not a chance. Hubbs-to-be reads my blog daily. He can see my dress and he can see me, but he CAN NOT see me in it until that magical moment!! Hey so what do you think of my Hot pink furry feather shoes?? Matches my head!!

I am so happy with my dress and so super excited!!!

I am just tickled PINK!!! My DRESS came from my Fabulous Designer yesterday and I flung open the box and found fabulous prize inside. I am on cloud 9! I am so happy with my dress. I can not wait to wear it! Thank you so much Batty from Azrael's Accomplice Designs. You did a wonderful job and I could not be happier! I can not wait to marry my handsome and loving Hubbs-to-be, wearing this fabulous dress! I may never take it off. HAHA just kidding!

So on top of my fabulous dress arriving yesterday for me to gloat about, my fun and fabulous wedding invitations designed by Hubbs-to-be also arrived! I swear I thought it was Christmas. The doorbell kept ringing all day and each time resulted in another cool box for me to open full of prizes!! Wahooo!!

I am so proud of him! He did a Fabulous job!!

So it is official! I AM getting married in 3 MONTHS! I still have so much to do. Stay tuned to see what unfolds over the next few months as we inch closer to our Masquerade Ball wedding on Halloween in Las Vegas followed by a Hometown reception the following weekend! We are so fabulous we get 2 parties for our wedding! HAHAHA


  1. It's absolutely perfect for you! The invites are amazing, and I want to come...wish I could make it out to vegas, but I'm super excited for the pictures!! What's baby DIVA wearing??!

  2. YAYYYY I'm so happy for you! It sounds like it's going to be a blast!

  3. How exciting! Your dress looks great-can't wait to see pics from your wedding!

  4. I had to come check it out!!! Can't wait to see wedding pics!!!

  5. Your dress is AMAZING! I love it.

  6. Hello Everyone!!!
    Thanks for the exciting comments!! You guys are making me want to dance around in my gown!! I am just tickled pink!! I should be posting a lot of info over the upcoming 122 weeks as we get closer and closer! and of course will provide tons of pics!!

  7. Wow I wish i could go to that wedding its so neat and not traditional!

  8. Candy!!
    Grab your hubbs. Get a sitter for the kids. Hop on a plane and come on! I will be the one getting married on the bridge on Halloween in the black dress with Pink Hair! Cant miss it! We will all have pink cocktails to celebrate later!! :)


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