Thursday, July 9, 2009

My first discussion group

Today I did something really cool.

I was a participant in a mommy discussion group, aka a panel or focus group, as it is sometimes referred to. It was super fabulous.

I arrived early at this designated location and escorted my Pink Haired Momma self into the appropriate suite. As soon as I opened the door I felt incredibly welcome by the happy and warm greeting from the staff at this facility. I was asked to properly identify myself and then told to have a munch of the yummy subway sandwiches and lemonade available to all participants. I did as requested and watched as other women begin to enter the room. We slowly began to make small talk with each other about the age of our children and that the majority of us were first timers to the mommy discussion group. We all relaxed and enjoyed the company of other mommy's for a bit while waiting for the group to begin.

After a brief wait we were ushered into a conference room and given our name plates. Then the instructions came. We were gonna chat about...BABY FOOD! Woohoo super dog fun and easy! Hello! I can talk baby stuff all day long, if you let me. One last set of instructions before the discussion started. We were in fact being observed by a group of people through a two way mirror..."don't let this bother you" we were instructed. Okay! I will try not to think about the top secret "observers" spying on me through the mirror. Did i just pick my nose? hmmm okay best behavior!

So the discussion started. At first it was a bit quiet with the group being led by the moderator. A little deeper into the discussion all of us participants began to speak with ease and without reservations. Our honest opinions were filling the room and providing insight to the "observers". Soon the "observers" sent a top secret note aka a purple sticky note, to the moderator and new questions were posed for our discussion, still in regards to baby food, just changing our topic direction.

I won't go into specifics of our discussion as it is a not on the market yet product. Just that is was very informative and a fabulous learning experience. I do feel a little bad in that my personal experience knowledge of specific prepared baby food is lacking because I make all my own baby food. However I am familiar with the brands and know which ones I would choose in a pinch, if I need to utilize this method of baby feeding. I hope my views also brought insight the the "observers" in regards to moms wanting to provide their children with the best possible nutrition and possibly give them the basis to provide a more nutritious preservative free pre made option.

2 hours, some yummy taste tasting of pureed baby food and a fabulous discussion later, I walked away with a check for $90. Not bad for a days work (a whole 2 hours), of stuff I already talk about anyway! It was a totally fabulous experience and I can not wait to participate in more!!!


  1. I want to do this!! Where can I sign up...that's awesome!

  2. I am going to do this with you next time! the hubby was all for it!

  3. Umm yeah... I'm with Mandie... how do I sign up?!?

  4. how fun! I try to do focus groups too. I posted about a few on my blog if you want more ideas.

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  5. How great that you got to particiapte in this!

  6. Thank guys!!
    The place I participated in is called Savitz research. Here is the link.
    See if the yhave something going on in your area!!

    And Rachel Thanks for the information! Cool stuff!! I will definatley utilize these ideas!!!


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