Monday, July 27, 2009

Hot Air Balloon

Hubbs-to-be's birthday is coming up in August. I have been searching for the most fabulous Pink Haired Momma gift to get him. I stumbled upon the idea of a Hot Air balloon ride. I thought this would just be absolutely amazing and wonderful. I looked into it and discovered that a simple 1 hour hot air balloon ride was WELL out of our budget! It is incredibly expensive. Bummer! Turns out Hubbs-to-be had looked at this very idea for a Mother's day treat for ME, and came to the same conclusion! Great minds sure do think alike!

Well you can imagine how elated I was Sunday morning to wake up and open the blinds and view this basically in our backyard! Is it s sign? should we pursue this idea again? Time will tell!!!

Please excuse the fogged look, my camera did not enjoy walking out into the early morning Texas heat!!!


  1. You have to!!! My hubby wanted to take me once and it was a little pricey so we didnt but now i wish we had! its a sign you gotta go

  2. I am thinking instead of bday...maybe a hot air balloon ride of the strip in vegas when we get married??? thoughts???


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