Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dream Travel in an RV: Where would you go?

This weeks Dream Travel in an RV still finds us following the reality show The Great American Roadtrip. I will admit I was pretty ding dang dong excited when the DiSalvatore dad had his opportunity to grill up some hamburgers and failed miserably!!! I just about fell off my couch when his wife instructed him to "cook them all the way" and he replied "how do I know when they are done?". Seriously this guy gets on my last nerve! He is just so self centered and flat out mean to his wife and kids. There was a scene on the RV where Mr. Salvatore was running his mouth (as usual), and his poor son had this devastated look on his face. I really wanted to jump through the TV and hug this poor kid. His wife must be petitioning for sainthood or something because he is a character I would have kissed bye bye a long time ago! And that little for TV stunt he pulled by cleaning the RV for his family, WHATEVER!!!

Okay anyway back to the game. This week the teams visited Kansas, Oklahoma and My Home State TEXAS!!! I was a bit bored watching the teams on their tourist stops. Although I would love to visit some of the locations they visited (the little house on the prairie house was WAY COOL as was the buffalo reserve), I did not find it entertaining watching the teams stroll through taking pictures and video of each other. BORING!!!

Move it along to the King of the road challenge! Now this was pretty neat. Each dad had 30 minutes to prepare hamburgers. The challenge provided the dads with every possible ingredient they may need to build the best hamburger. I kept waiting for Guy Fieri to jump out with his bleached hair and sunglasses and take a big bite outta their burgers. Oops sorry tangent!

The hamburgers were then blindly fed to the moms and kids and each family rated each tester hamburger. ( the dads and the family's did not know who's burger was whose, the only differential marker was a letter A, B, C, D, E, placed in each burger.) The end revealed which father made which hamburger followed by which three hamburgers sucked the most according to all the teams. The dad that had the best hamburger was Mr. Coote! Congratulations family that is lucky number r3 win for you in the King of the Road challenges!!!!The three sucky hamburgers put the corresponding family teams in the End of the road challenge. I enjoyed this challenge quite a bit. I thought is was humorous and provided involvement for the whole family. My love for food had nothing to do with my enjoyment of this episode!!!

So the three sucky hamburger families, the DiSalvatore's, The Rico's, and the Favrey's must compete to stay in the game.

Wouldn't you know it; because the teams are in Texas during the End of the Road challenge, the challenge is called Everything is bigger in Texas! LOL. The teams stand before a large Texas shape platform. A few yards away lie some VERY LARGE items associated with Texas. (i.e an oil derrick, longhorn's) Well separating the Large Texas and the Large Texas items is a fence maze. The teams must race through the maze and retrieve all the large Texas items return the items to the large Texas and place themselves plus all the large items on the Large Texas all at one time. So 4 people and a bunch of large Texas items all on a Texas platform. Making sense? Watch it and you will see!!

So the teams compete on who can complete this task correctly in the quickest amount of time. To my disappointment the Disalvatore's completed the challenge the fastest and thus are in the game another week. And my buds from KATY, the Rico's got the boot! In their home State no less, AND after Mr. Rico slipped and fell and twisted his ankle during the challenge. Bummer! I liked them a lot and was sure hoping they would stay in the game to represent my town KATY!!!!

So another week down another team sent rolling home in their RV!

Did you miss the episode? Watch it here.

*Just a reminder that my original Dream Travel in an RV: where would you go? will be returning once this reality show ends. I have been finding some totally fabulous places to virtual visit in the Pink Haired Mommas family RV!!! Would you like us to visit an offbeat place close to you? Send me an email by clicking "Contact" at the top of this page with your fascinating offbeat location for the Pink Haired Momma to virtually visit and then tune in to see what happens when we roll in!!!

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